What Your Most Worn Jewellery Says About You

What Your Most Worn Jewellery Says About You

ByKarmen on 10 Jan 2020 Digital Editor

Every person has a complicated personality and you can't judge a person by his or her looks. Then again, the little things about people on the surface may give a little hint at their personality.

Keep reading to find out our prediction of your personality based on your favourite jewellery!

#1 Minimalist

three minimalist necklaces and a black top
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asian woman wearing a heart necklace
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If your favourite jewellery pieces are sleek and minimal, you probably don't like large social gatherings or being the centre of attention. You tend to think before you speak and have an appreciation for all things that are aesthetically-pleasing.

You aspire to have an orderly and organised lifestyle, whether or not you're successful at it. Your wardrobe essentials are a well-fitting collared shirt and black flats.

#2 Dainty & feminine

asian woman wearing earrings
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asian woman wearing earrings

Delicate chains and pretty designs like little flowers and bows are all attributes of a dainty jewellery piece. If you find yourself reaching for this type of jewellery, you might be a romantic at heart! You enjoy watching romance comedies and will be emotionally affected by tragic stories, though you recover fast and seek for the next series to binge watch on!

You probably have an appreciation for nature and animals, but interact with it from far. 😆 Your family and friends love your humble and giving personality and how you tend to focus on the positive.

#3 Luxury 

asian woman wearing pandora jewellery
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If you love name-brand jewellery from luxury brands like Pandora and Tiffany & Co., then it's likely that you're someone who is ambitious and strive for the best in all aspects of your life. When you do reach your goals, no matter how small or big it is, you like treating yourself to a reward like having a snack or getting that bag you've been eyeing.

The people around you admire your confidence and go-getting attitude. You probably love hosting dinners, parties or sleepovers at your house and are pretty good at it too!

#4 Quirky

asian woman wearing earrings
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Those who reach for quirky and unique jewellery are probably curious and open-minded in nature. While people may underestimate you based on your sweet and caring personality, you're actually quite daring and adventurous!

When travelling, you like to venture out beyond the touristy sites and to places where the locals live their daily lives. You're also up for going on a solo trip and will try exotic foods that your friends dare not to.


#5 Antique 

vintage ring with diamonds
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If you have an appreciation for antique jewellery, it could be that you're a sentimental person or someone who is fascinated with personal stories. You don't care much about brands or logos and appreciate craftsmanship and quality instead.

In any conversation, you probably chime in occasionally to share interesting perspectives and anecdotes. You feel a sense of accomplishment and closeness to a loved one whenever you find out something unique about them that few or no one else knows.

#6 Natural materials

wooden necklace
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If you are a fan of jewellery that's made of natural materials such as wood and stone, then it is quite likely that you also love wrap dresses, open-toed sandals, massages and anything crochet. Instead of following trends on Instagram, you have a strong sense of personal style that you stick to.

You're probably concerned with environmental issues and try to at least keep yourself updated with knowledge on it. You dislike low quality products and appreciate handmade crafts. You probably love taking short trips to Bali, Indonesia!

#7 Statement & trendy

asian woman wearing earrings
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multiple rings on one hand

If your favourite jewellery are trendy pieces like bold earrings and statement necklaces, you probably have a cheerful personality.

You probably love online shopping and some brands you're a fan of are Muji, IKEA and 3CE. When choosing a place to eat, play or travel to, the Insta-worthiness of the setting is an important factor to take into consideration. The little joys of life is enough to make you happy like getting your nails done or discovering a new drama series that is worth binge-watching.

#8 Classic & sophisticated


Do you love jewellery like simple earrings and small pendant necklaces that go with everything? If so, you're probably open-minded while still having traditional values. One of your most important goals is to achieve a relaxed lifestyle that has work-life balance so you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

When a new face joins your work or social circle, you're probably the first one he or she approaches to speak to. You stay on top of trends but don't feel a need to follow it.

Did we predict your personality accurately? While you're at it, check out what your favourite shoes and bag say about you!

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