Curly Hairstyles That Will Frame Your Face Well & Make It Look Smaller

Curly Hairstyles That Will Frame Your Face Well & Make It Look Smaller

ByWei Yin on 06 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

Sporting a curly hairstyle helps you to give off a feminine and elegant aura but choosing the right curly hairstyle can be tricky especially if you have a wider face shape.

You will need to choose a hairstyle that perfectly frames your face so as to give the illusion of a smaller face. So, we are here to help by curating a list of curly hairstyles ladies with a wider face shape can go for.

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#1 Big wavy curls + long side fringe

Big wavy curls
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If the widest part of your face is the forehead, this hairstyle with big wavy curls and long side fringe will suit you.

Make sure to let your hairdresser know that you want the curls to start from your hair roots so that even your fringe curls. For those who curl their hair themselves, take note that your hair should be curled away from your face.

The long side fringe covers the sides of your forehead and the big wavy curls draw attention to other features.

#2 Small wavy curls + triangle-shaped airy bangs

Small wavy curls
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This hairstyle with small wavy curls and triangle-shaped airy bangs will look good on those with chubbier cheeks.

The airy bangs covering the forehead adds proportion and the curls covering the sides of the face will make your face appear smaller. These curls that are slightly smaller compared to #1 will also give you a sweet look.

#3 C-curls + c-curls airy bangs

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C-curls is one of the most popular curly hairstyles and this pretty look will suit those with a longer and wider face shape.


If you have long hair, this curly hairstyle will look especially good on you too as the long hair will make your face appear more proportionate. Just make sure to use a hair roller to style your airy bangs in the morning so that there is a slight curl to it.

#4 Big beachy waves + long side fringe

Big beachy waves
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For those with protruding cheekbones or jaws resulting in a wider face, try out this hairstyle with big beachy waves and long side fringe.

The long side fringe can hide your cheekbones and jaw, making your face appear more oval shaped. The big beachy waves that curl below your face draws attention to it rather than your face.

#5 C-curls + curtain bangs

Curtain bangs
Photo from 眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 via 小红书

This is another c-curl hairstyle but for the ladies with shorter hair. If you have shoulder length hair, curl only the ends of your hair and make it curl inwards. Your fringe should fall below your eyes, swept to the side and parted like curtains.

This will suit those with a round and wide face shape. It will also make you look younger!

#6 S-curls + 3/4 parting

Photo from 眼角有笑纹的艾小琦 via 小红书

If you have a squarish face shape and a wider jaw, s-curls will suit you. The smaller curls frame your face and because it creates voluminous hair, it will take attention away from your jaw.

Part your hair in a 3/4 portion for an elegant and classy look.

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