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6 Christmas Nail Art Designs

6 Christmas Nail Art Designs

By Viroon on 17 Nov 2019
Senior Creative Editor

What better time to experiment with nail art than the holidays? We might not be experiencing winter in Singapore, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a winter wonderland on our nails. Here are some Christmas nail art designs to get you in the mood for the holiday season. Now, without further ado, read on to 5 of our favourite bold, colourful, and festive ideas from Pinterest that will guarantee to get you in the holiday spirit.


#1 Santa & Rudolf

Xmas nail artPhoto from Pinterest

Fashioning your nails with santa and rudolf makes for both an elegant design mixed with the fun side of the season.

#2 Christmas Sweater

Christmas SweaterPhoto from Pinterest

You can emphasize this by creating nail art that matches your sweater’s designs.

#3 Beige Christmas 


Xmas nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Instead of the classic red and green for Christmas, try the different shades of beige to keep the natural look while sprucing it up just enough for the holidays.

#4 O' Deer

Xmas nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Nothing like come classic green nails.

#5 Pastel Haven

Xmas NailsPhoto from Pinterest

Some of us prefer the simplistic designs of a winter wonderland rather than the colourful contrasts of reds, greens, and whites. Try these cute pastel colours instead!

#6 Midnight Blue

Xmas nailsPhoto from Pinterest

Red and green aren't the only holiday-appropriate shades. A rich navy blue with silver shimmer is another vibrant way to wear glitter for Christmas.

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