5 Flat Hair Hacks To Get Instant Volume With Little Effort

5 Flat Hair Hacks To Get Instant Volume With Little Effort

ByKarmen on 08 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

If you're one of the poor unfortunate souls who have to deal with flat hair, getting voluminous hair like Princess Ariel is probably a real struggle.

princess ariel the little mermaid realistic hair illustration by Loryn Brantz
Photo from Disney, Loryn Brantz

Fortunately, we have 5 easy hacks for you to revive those limp and lifeless locks.

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#1 Keep changing your hair parting

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Your natural hair parting is trained to lie flat on your head and expose more of your scalp. To counter this, simply create a new hair parting! Flipping some of your hair to the opposite side will create instant volume and make your hairline less obvious.

If it looks too exaggerated, spray some water on your hair and blow-dry to make it lie flatter on your head. Keep creating new hair partings once your hair starts looking flat again!

#2 Bring dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo in a mini bottle 50ml original
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Dry shampoo works wonders in creating lift at your roots and refreshing an oily scalp. Bring one with you so you can revive your hair and give it volume whenever it gets greasy and limp. You can find mini bottles of dry shampoo that can fit in most bags like the Batiste Original Dry Shampoo in 50ml ($3.90).

#3 Blow dry your hair upside down

Blow dry your hair upside down
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This is an easy hack that involves just flipping your head upside down and blow drying it! When wet hair dries in an upside down position, away from your scalp, it's being trained to stay in that position. When you flip your head back up, your hair will look much more voluminous.

Make sure you're committed to it and don't lift your head until at least your roots and upper portion of hair is fully dry. Once your hair is dry, blast your entire head with cool air. This creates fullness and loosens up the blow-dry.

#4 Sleep in a top bun

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Like #3, this method trains your hair to stay away from your scalp so when you let your hair down in the morning, it looks less flat than it usually would! For a more comfortable sleep, you can just tie the top portion of your hair into a bun.

#5 Use velcro rollers

girl using velcro rollers on crown of head
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Fine and flat hair tends to be delicate and susceptible to damage. Try to avoid using heat styling tools which may be harsh on your hair. Use velcro rollers instead! Section a few pieces of hair at the crown of your head and roll them into velcro rollers. Apply a light mist of texturising spray or sea salt spray formulate for thin hair.

When your hair starts to get flat again later in the day, flip your head upside down and scrunch up your roots. The product in your hair will fluff it up again in an instant!

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Besides these hacks, we've got a bonus tip for you: cut your hair shorter! No matter how much effort you put into volumising your hair, it will still look flat by midday if it's too long. If you need inspiration, check out the most flattering haircuts for ladies with flat or fine hair!

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