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SPAO Korea Is Back With A Brand New Harry Potter Collection!

SPAO Korea Is Back With A Brand New Harry Potter Collection!

By Amanda on 18 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

If you are a Potterhead and a fan of all things Korean, you would have known about SPAO Korea's super popular Harry Potter collection released last year. If you missed it last year, don't fret because they are back again this year with a second round of collaboration with hoodies, padded jackets, sweatshirts and pyjamas that we absolutely can't wait to get our hands on! ?


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This collection focuses more on winter clothing but hey, we are not complaining if it's Harry Potter!Travel to cold countries, your freezing cold office or the lecture hall in style with these gorgeous pieces.

Hogwarts House Sweater, 49,900 won (~SGD 57.87)

hogwarts house sweaterPhoto from SPAO Korea

Enrol into Hogwarts and you will probably get a preppy sweater just like this when you get sorted into your hall!

Sweatshirts, 35,900 won (~SGD 41.63)

hogwarts hoodiePhoto from SPAO Korea


hoodiePhoto from SPAO Korea

Stay warm in your office or lecture hall with these sweatshirts inspired by magical items such as the First Years Hogwarts School List and the magic car used to transport Ron to Hogwarts!

Hoodies, 39,900 won (~SGD 46.27)

harry potter hoodiesPhoto from SPAO Korea

harry potter hoodiesPhoto from SPAO Korea

If you prefer wearing something with a hood in your office or lecture theatre, you should definitely look out for these Hogwarts-inspired hoodies that will add some college preppiness to your outfit!

Dobby Pyjamas, 49,900 won (~SGD 57.87)

dobby pyjamas setPhoto from SPAO Korea


Drift to sleep peacefully knowing Dobby is now free with these pyjamas in both white and black versions for you to choose from! The set comes with a matching eye-mask to block out the light when you sleep as well.

Limited Edition Ron & Harry Pyjamas Set, 59,900 won (~SGD 69.47)

Ron & Harry PyjamasPhoto from SPAO Korea

Ron & Harry PyjamasPhoto from SPAO Korea

Ron and Harry may hate this sweater that Mrs Weasley knitted for them but we think that it is cozy and cute! Don't miss out on this limited edition pyjamas!

Limited Edition Harry Potter Padded Jacket, 129,000 won (~SGD 149.61)

harry potter padded jacketPhoto from SPAO Korea

If you are always travelling during the winter season, you may want to check out these Hogwarts house padded jackets with a unique checkered pattern embellishment.

spao harry potter collectionPhoto from SPAO Korea

There are other items in this collection such as hoodies, bags, blankets, and room slippers so make sure to check out SPAO Korea's Instagram for the whole collection.

The collection will be made available on 25 October so if you are heading down to South Korea soon, you should definitely check out SPAO Korea's Harry Potter collection. If you won't be heading down anytime soon, you can get a kind traveller to bring it back for you on Airfrov.

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