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Starbucks' New Mid-Autumn Collection Is As Gorgeous As The Night Sky

Starbucks' New Mid-Autumn Collection Is As Gorgeous As The Night Sky

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By Amanda on 14 Aug 2019
Digital Editor

Starbucks Singapore just released a new merchandise collection made up of mugs and bottles in time for Mid-Autumn Festival this year and we are in love with this gorgeous collection?


True to the theme of mid-autumn, these merchandises comes dipped in dark blue, reminiscent of the night sky and has motifs such as the moon, stars and rabbits that embellished on each cup.

Check out the collection here!

Little Bunny (12 oz), $26.90


Wonderland, Left (12 oz) $32.90, Right (6 oz) $42.90 (Only available at selected Starbucks stores)


Leap (12 oz), $24.90



Full Moon, Left (16 oz) $44.90, Middle (12oz) $39.90, Right (16oz) $25.90 (Left and Right only available at selected Starbucks stores)

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Aren't these mugs and bottles absolutely gorgeous? We definitely want to sip our favourite Starbucks drink with these merchandise collection! Alongside with these mugs and bottles, Starbucks also launched a mooncake set in a matching night sky tone.

Starbucks Mooncakes, $5.80 per piece, $59.90 for a box of eight.


Each of these boxes comes with eight mooncakes, and you can choose between traditional or assorted flavours. The traditional box comes with eight Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk mooncakes, a classic favourite, while the assorted box comes in four unique flavours such as Starbucks® Coffee with Caramel & HazelnutHoney Earl Grey, Yam Paste and Mango. You will also get a free reusable gift bag when you buy a box. Starbucks Rewards members also enjoy a 15% discount when purchasing two boxes or more using your Starbucks card!

Aren't you tempted to head down to your nearest Starbucks soon? We certainly are because these merchandises just launched today and the mooncakes are already selling like hotcakes!

Know any Starbucks fan? Tag them in this post before it sells out soon!

Photos: Starbucks Singapore

Text by: GirlStyle SG