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6 Lifestyle Habits Change You Can Do To Lose Weight More Easily

6 Lifestyle Habits Change You Can Do To Lose Weight More Easily

By Amanda on 19 Jul 2019
Digital Editor

You may think "It's so difficult to lose weight!" But did you know that losing weight is not done through mindless dieting or sudden extreme exercising? Change your lifestyle habits and you can make your weight loss goals more achievable!


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#1 Drink A Cup Of Warm Water Every Morning


The key here is to drink it warm. Before eating anything else, drink a cup of warm water to improve digestion and cleanse your palate. Make sure it's a whole cup of at least 300ml and not a small sip.For girls who find normal plain water boring, you can switch it up by adding a a few slices of lemon in your water as well.

#2 Drink Around 2 Litres Of Water Everyday


The age-old advice to drink 8 glasses of water in a day is really important! Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday and spread it out evenly throughout the day. It is easy to forget to hydrate especially when you get caught up with your work but find a way to remind you to drink!


#3 Chew Your Food Slowly 


Not going to turn this into a biology class but digestion actually starts in your mouth! Chew your food slowly and for at least 30 to 60 chews to aid with food digestion. You will also find that you will feel full more easily as you eat slower and take more bites.

#4 Eat Until You Are 80% Full


Have you ever tried eating so fast and overeating to a point you get bloated later? That's a hard no when you're trying to lose weight! Pace yourself while eating and stop when you feel 80% full. This way, you can prevent overeating which will just lead to more fat accumulation!

#5 Don't Snack After Dinner!


I know it's so easy to sit in front of the TV after dinner and open a bag of chips to munch on but that's definitely going to interfere with your weight loss plans! Stay away from snacks after dinner and curb your cravings by sleeping in early. (Psst, having ample sleep is also vital to losing weight too!)

#6 Engage In Different Types Of Exercises


Sweat it out and lose weight quickly by doing aerobic exercises such as running, swimming or skipping for at least 30 min each time. However, here's the catch! You should also do sculpting exercises such as yoga, ballet or pilates to help maintain your figure as well. There are plenty of instructional videos online to follow or join a class to keep you motivated.

Switch up your lifestyle habits and you will realise that your weight loss plan will work much better.

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