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If You Only Need 1 Eyeshadow Palette, Go For Deep Brown Palettes

If You Only Need 1 Eyeshadow Palette, Go For Deep Brown Palettes

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By christinelai on 25 Jun 2019

If you think eyeshadow palette is created just for your eyes and you don't need it because you prefer an all-natural look -You're very wrong. A deep brown eyeshadow palette can be the one palette you need for travelling and here's why!


We spotted Nars Skin Deep Palette and it has all the colours you need to create not only a professional eyeshadow look but also contouring and even sweet shades for the blush!



That's why it's the one palette you need for travel, even if you're fervent for natural beauty!

#1 Cover up your dark circles with the shade, Taunt 
If you need an emergency touch-up and you forgot to bring your concealer. You can use a nude shade of eyeshadow to cover your dark circles temporarily.

#2 They make your eyes look bigger
Apart from deep brown eyeshadow colours, this palette consists of both sweet matte and glittery pink eyeshadows. They are perfect for creating the popular Korean Beauty eyeshadow look plus, the blush you need for the finishing glow.




#3 They make your nose look sharper
With the use of the deepest shade of matte brown, Coconut Grove, use your fingertip to gently tap the sides of your nose, with emphasis on the top part. That will instantly make your face look more defined.

#4 They make your face look smaller 
To make your face appear smaller, learn to contour and highlight your face with shades of brown and highlighters.


Pick up your one-palette-for-all eyeshadow palette today!

Photo Source: Guess What Beauty
Text By: GirlStyle SG


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