Boyfriend Replacement! Let This Disney Sleeping Mat Hug You To Sleep Every Night~

Boyfriend Replacement! Let This Disney Sleeping Mat Hug You To Sleep Every Night~

By GirlStyle on 13 Mar 2019

The best sleeping partner a girl can ever ask for! This sleeping mat is soft, cute and cuddly. The one thing every girl will look forward to at home, especially on a sad and rainy day. 


Japanese shopping site, Belle Maison, released this super cute Disney sleeping mat and from 7 March to 18 March, you can get a 10% discount via this coupon number, D126.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 1.41.58 PM

It is available in 4 different designs:

1. Chip


2. Winnie the Pooh


3. Baymax


4. Mickey Mouse



Aww. Each sleeping mat comes with two small hands and their iconic item, ready to give you a comforting hug and high 5 when you need it.

These cute keep-at-home boyfriends are a whopping 65cm by 180cm, the perfect height and width for you to cosy up with.

They have an incredible capacity to take all your scolding and ranting, without a hint of retaliation. These sleeping companions have the best listening ears even though they can't offer you any constructive advice.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 1.49.28 PM

Once you're ready to keep them, fold them up and put them against the wall, now you have a comfortable back to lean on.

Each sleeping mat cost 7990 Japanese Yen, which is about SGD 98.

Click on the photo source below if you wish to make a purchase or find out more information.

Photo Source: Belle Maison

Text By: GirlStyle SG


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