Here's 13 Creative Gradient Nail Designs That Can Help To Add Life To Your Next Manicure ♡

Here's 13 Creative Gradient Nail Designs That Can Help To Add Life To Your Next Manicure ♡

By GirlStyle on 29 Dec 2018

Who says we need fancy nail art to beautify our nails? All you need is a pair of discerning eyes that can tell you how to mix and match your colours! 

If you've read our past nail guides, you would know how much we love to mix and match nail colours to create a simple yet low key bomb manicure but did you know creating these pretty gradient nails, or ombre nails as some call it, can be this easy?

All you need is a good sponge to work with, two (or three) of your favourite colours and ta-da!


To get you inspired, let's take a look at how we can up our colour game and create this 13 classy gradient/ombre nails.

Perhaps because we are girls, one of the colours we tend to gravitate to is pink.


The key to nailing a gradient manicure is the use of white. Thanks to its neutrality, it goes well with all the colours in the world and it can never go wrong.

Nude is also cute to work with.


Navy blue is classy as it is but when paired with white, magic happens.


We would say the same about grey, too. Look at it. ♡♡♡



Black looks really good too.


Besides a vertical gradient, these ombre nails can also be achieved horizontally.

If you are the kind of girl who don't get your nails done too often, consider this. When your nails grow out, at least it wouldn't be so obvious. #nailtips


If you think block colours are too boring for you, throw in some bling and glitter.





See how simple nail stickers can make a big difference?


Here's a darker ombre nail idea for you, if you prefer. Add in some glitter and it will make your nails look like a sea of stars *heart eyes*


What other nail designs would you want us to cover? :)

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Photos: Pinterest, Little Red Book
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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