Emma Stone Opens Up About Her Anxiety Issues And Why Having a BFF Like Jennifer Helps!

Emma Stone Opens Up About Her Anxiety Issues And Why Having a BFF Like Jennifer Helps!

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By GirlStyle on 22 Sep 2018

We all love Emma Stone for her vivacious, quirky personality and her awesome acting skills. She is the down-to-earth, approachable star that girls just love and guys just wanna bring home to mom.






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When she revealed that she used to suffer from anxiety issues and problems, we were all surprised.




It never occured to us how human these impeccable stars were and how they had problems just as real as the common man on the street.






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Turns out life isn't a bed of roses just because you are a famous star!




We love how her candidness towards her issues make her seem even more relatable and human then ever.




For Emma Stone, acting was a way for her to dispel and purge her anxiety.
It was a coping mechanism for her.




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Thanks to acting, Emma's condition also gradually improved when she met her BFF Jennifer Lawrence. The Hunger Games star had a warm, cheerful and straightforward personality that made Emma Stone connect immediately with her.






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Stone has been seeking therapy for many years. She says that her therapist has helped her discover that acting, she quotes, is an "outlet to take something like anxiety or pain and…turn it into something."





Stone started having panic attacks when she was 7.




Being the most supportive BFF, Lawrence had ton of calls from Stone during her "frequent sleepless nights", but she has always been a source of comfort for her.





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Emma says she has learnt to treasure her friends like Lawrence, because they have been very accepting  of her quirks and have seen her through her difficult times.









 "You pick your family. You realize that your friendships, the people who go with you into these next phases of your life—you’re choosing your family."






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In May 2017, Stone teamed up with the Child Mind Institute, a non-profit organisation which supports children with mental health issues and learning disorders, to divulge her experiences managing anxiety and panic attacks when she was growing up.




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It is this public candidness about her mental condition that makes us admire her even more and see her as a role model for young females out there.






To Emma, she feels that having a mental issue is not a taboo subject and one should not shy away from talking about it just because society sees it as a "stigma".





In fact, she feels that her anxiety issues might be a great thing because they have given her "lots of high energy" which has helped her in her acting career.






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It's inspiring to see how this young lady has turned adversity or a perceived "weakness" into a strength and used it for her personal growth.




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In  a video, as part of the charity's 'Speak Up For Kids' campaign, Stone offered advice to children with anxiety.





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"There's nothing wrong with you," she said, "to be a sensitive person who cares a lot, that takes things in in a deep way is part of what makes you amazing and is one of the greatest gifts of life."




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"Don’t ever feel like you’re a weirdo for it because we’re all weirdos."






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Very well said Emma!





Glad to know she's just like anyone of us.




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Embrace your own unique qualities, for every single strength or flaw you have, is what makes you so special!




Perfection? Nah...It's overrated.





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