Get These Amazingly Slim Arms In 3 Weeks For Less Then 10 Minutes A Day With This Arm Workout Trending In Korea!

Get These Amazingly Slim Arms In 3 Weeks For Less Then 10 Minutes A Day With This Arm Workout Trending In Korea!

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Bychristinelai on 14 Sep 2018

In Singapore's hot sweltering weather, where it's perpetually Summer all year round, it's impractical to wear anything with  sleeves.(sweaty armpits anyone?) Sleeveless tops, tubes and spaghetti straps are the order of the day. But what happens when you've got those 'batwing' arms or suffer from flabby arm syndrome? Does this mean you can't wear those pretty summer dresses/tops no more?




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No! It's not over! You can absolutely still rock those gorgeous dresses/bikinis and show off your slim arms with these 5 simple exercises under 10 minutes.





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Wearing yellow during this heatwave. Spent my Sunday with my momma at the #RoseBowl flea market! ?

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This arm workout is currently trending in Korea now and results have purportedly been seen after just 2-3 weeks of these  daily 10 minute workouts!



We put these 5 mini exercises to the test and suss out the results! (you need to do all five everyday) Ignore the comic expressions, these exercises really work!


Exercise One






With palms facing upwards, stretch out your arms and move up and down rapidly for two minutes! Repeat the whole set one more time. It looks deceptively simple...but it burns...


Total: 2 sets of repetition, 2 minutes each. 




Exercise 2





With both hands outstretched, extend your arms as far back as possible, then bring them forward again.


Repeat this action for 15 times, 2 rounds.


Note: For results to be effective, extend arms as far back as possible, keeping arms straight and tighten those arm muscles!





Exercise 3






Lift both arms up at a 90 degree angle. (form an L shape), then move arms downward slowly, as if pressing a table top.



This set must be repeated 20 times, for 2 rounds.


Arms must be kept parallel, and the angle of the elbow must be maintained at 90 degrees.



Exercise 4






Arms are at a 90 Degree angle and you will open and close your arms, pressing in and out steadily with force. (hold a water bottle in each hand) if you want added weight and resistance.


Do this set for 20 times, and repeat for 2 rounds.


Do not underestimate how powerful this movement is! It's not only proven to give slimmer arms...but a firmer chest for ladies as well!




Exercise 5





You know how all those ballerinas and dancers have really uber slim and toned arms? It's precisely because they always execute moves similar to this one!



Raise your hands upwards from your sides, above your head. arms must be slightly curved like a C shape (have you seen those ballerinas?)


Swing your arms 15 times each set, and do 3 rounds total for maximum impact.



These simple exercises can be done within 10 minutes, just before bedtime or as a quick early morning workout to perk yourself up before school or work. All it takes is just 10 minutes to get those slim arms in 2-3 weeks!





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Wah, so easy ah? Only 10 minutes. Really can work meh? Con job ah?


If you think this sounds too good to be true and these exercises are simple...think again. Wait till you try them. We guarantee that you'll feel the burn and see the results! #legit




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Get ready to flaunt those sexy arms in your bikinis and summer wear~


Try and tell us about the effects!



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