GirlStyle Beauty Awards 2024 (I): Award-Winning Skincare & Beauty Services

GirlStyle Beauty Awards 2024 (I): Award-Winning Skincare & Beauty Services

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By Karmen on 25 Jun 2024
Digital Editor

GirlStyle Beauty Awards is back, baby! Judged by our editors, these awards commemorate the very best of beauty from skincare and haircare to professional salon treatments. Whether you're an avid beauty junkie or a casual enthusiast, these are some of the outstanding beauty finds to keep on your radar.

Here are the winners in the categories of skincare & beauty services:


Beauty Services


The Best Cleanser For Sensitive Skin - Bioderma Atoderm Huile de douche

Bioderma Atoderm Huile de douchePhoto from Bioderma

This oil cleanser is a boon for those with hyper-sensitive, extremely dry or eczema-prone skin - the people who have the hardest time finding the right cleanser. Not only does it treat vulnerable skin with respect, it also reduces itch and skin irritation with every wash while providing intense hydration. Made for the face and body, the cleanser's exclusive formula is composed of vegetal biolipids to create a protective film, vitamin PP to reconstruct the skin barrier, and Skin Barrier Therapy to prevent the binding of the bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, that causes skin irritation.

Get it here for $41.90. Read our full review here.

The Best Cleanser For Dry Skin - KraveBeauty Matcha Heartleaf Hydrating Cleanser

KraveBeauty Matcha Heartleaf Hydrating CleanserPhoto from KraveBeauty

It's hard to find a traditional cleanser that doesn't leave dry skin feeling even more parched afterwards, so why not ditch tradition altogether? Cue this ultra-gentle cleanser that has a honey-like texture that's unlike anything we've seen before. A viscous sensory delight, the gel works into a silky, nourishing lather that lifts away impurities and light makeup. Its formula includes matcha and Heartleaf extract which accounts for its hydrating effect.

Get it here for $26.

The Best Brightening Cleanser - AHC Niacin Biome Scissors Cleansing Foam

AHC Niacin Biome Scissors Cleansing FoamPhoto from AHC

There's a limit to how much brightening a cleanser can do, mainly because it spends so little time on the skin before getting washed off, but one that does make the skin look and feel rejuvenated in that few seconds is this one by AHC. The star ingredient that's also present in the rest of the Niacin Biome line is the brightening ingredient, Niacin Biome complex. Coupled with wheat seed extract, this rich and creamy foam gently cleanses while lightening pigmentation, leaving no dry or tight sensation.

Get it here for $33.90.

The Best Makeup Remover - shu uemura BlackOil

shu uemura BlackOilPhoto from shu uemura

This lightweight, fresh-textured cleansing oil purifies the pores instantly and leaves the skin feeling fresh and, wait for it, matte! This unexpected turn of events comes about as the oil is infused with premium Japanese charcoal, which also helps reduce clogged pores. In the meantime, precious black rice provides moisture. It's formulated for oily and combination skin types, but works just as well on dry skin.

Get it here for $185.

The Best Brightening Serum - Alluora Auralight Skin Care Face Serum

Alluora Auralight Skin Care Face SerumPhoto from Alluora

A powerhouse serum for brightening the skin, Auralight is designed to tackle and prevent pigmentation, making dull skin radiant and dark spots fade away. Formulated with ingredients like Panax ginseng root extract and niacina­mide, it also works to smoothen and plump the skin, regulate sebum, minimise pores and provide anti-oxidant protection.

Get it here for $208.

The Best Moisturising Serum - NanoSkin Hyaluronic Acid Serum

NANOSKIN Hyaluronic Acid SerumPhoto from NANOSKIN

This is no ordinary hyaluronic acid serum! It has an extraordinarily powerful hydrating boost and even UV defence thanks to two patented ingredients. Pentavitin, a prebiotic skin identical sugar complex, binds moisture deep in the skin and strengthens the skin barrier, while Raybloc forms a protective shield on the skin to block UV rays, blue light and infrared radiation from digital devices.

Get it here for $26.90. Read our full review here.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing ConcentratePhoto from Shiseido

This luxurious serum deserves all the praise and love that it gets. It's powered by a medley of anti-ageing ingredients including ImuGenerationRED Technology and Roselle Extract fermented with lactic acid bacteria. The texture is thick and rich, but melts into the skin without leaving a trace. The age-defying effect is noticeable on all fronts from smoothening and plumping to brightening.

Get it here for $175.

The Best Anti-Acne Serum - Etat Pur Zinc Gluconate 3% Serum

Etat Pur Zinc Gluconate 3% SerumPhoto from Etat Pur

Formulated to tackle oily skin and enlarged pores, the Zinc Gluconate 3% Serum has its named leading active ingredient at the right dosage for maximum efficacy without irritating the skin. Besides its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties, Zinc Gluconate soothes sensitivity and regulates sebum production. Over time, the skin is rebalanced to look more matte and smooth.

Get it here for $26.90.

The Best Toner - Alluora Ocean Toner

Alluora Ocean TonerPhoto from Alluora

This multi-tasking toner brightens the skin, fighting hyperpigmentation and diminishing dark spots. At the same time, it also boosts the skin's hydration, soothes irritation and strengthens the skin barrier to prevent oxidative stress and premature ageing. Star skincare ingredients in this bad boy include Phyllacantha fibrosa extract, Vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, licorice root extract, Matricaria flower extract, and Rosemary leaf extract, just to name a few!

Get it here for $130.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner Alcohol-FreePhoto from Kiehl's

This OG product goes back to the 1960s, when it was first loved for its balancing and refreshing effect on normal-to-oily skin and sensitive skin types. Fast-forward to today, and it's still enduring as a cult-favourite. Calendula extract, the shining ingredient in this toner, contains five skin-soothing compounds known to help relieve signs of distressed skin including visible redness and excess oil.

Get it here for $44.

Paula's Choice SKIN BALANCING Pore-Reducing Toner Photo from Paula's Choice

We can always count on Paula's Choice for fuss-free and effective formulas, and this toner is no exception. It helps balance skin with antioxidants and hydrating ceramides, making typically oily areas less so, and rough patches more smooth and moisturised, and large pores less noticeable. The lightweight liquid formula feels weightless on skin but still provides hydration.

Get it here for $39.

The Best Acne Treatment - BeKind Clear Skin Elixir

BeKind Clear Skin ElixirPhoto from BeKind

Aptly named an 'elixir', this comprehensive acne treatment provides both instant gratification and long-term skin goals. Its unique formula clears up acne, prevents breakouts, hydrates and evens skin tone - all in one step. And while it's super effective, it's also non-peeling and non-drying, and gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. Packed in the treatment is a whole host of acne-fighting and nourishing ingredients including salicylic acid, niacinamide, melaleuca alternifolia extract and peppermint extract.

Get it here for $38.

The Best Brightening Moisturiser - Alluora DEWY Moisturizer

Alluora DEWY MoisturizerPhoto from Alluora

A moisturiser's function is to relieve dry skin, but the DEWY Moisturiser goes beyond that as it also contains brightening properties to transform dull complexions into its original brightness. This nourishing formula also repairs and tightens the skin, soothes inflammation and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Get it here for $130.

Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Intensive MoisturiserPhoto from Laneige

A classic in the skincare realm, Laneige's Water Bank moisturisers have been revamped into three different iterations to hydrate a wider range of skin types. The most intensively moisturising one of the trio, the aptly named Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturiser, has a velvety rich balm-to-cream consistency that melts upon contact to relieve the discomfort of dry, sensitive skin. The formula has good, simple ingredients like O-mega peptides, omega oil, blue hyaluronic acid and ceramides. And here's another plus: it now comes with refillable packaging!

Get it here for $63.

The Best Moisturiser for Oily, Acne-Prone Skin - d program Acne Care Emulsion

d program Acne Care EmulsionPhoto from d program

This smooth and airy milk formula feels comfortable even on oily skin and is packed with anti-acne and skin-soothing ingredients. Winter begonia extract helps treat and prevent acne, Tranexamic acid improves skin turnover function for less acne scarring, and yeast extract complex helps strengthen the skin barrier function at multiple levels so it's less prone to breakouts.

Get it here for $48.

The Best Anti-Ageing Moisturiser - Dr HAACH Reversal PhytoEstrogen Wonder Cream

Dr HAACH Reversal PhytoEstrogen Wonder CreamPhoto from Dr HAACH

A Wonder Cream indeed, this age-defying moisturiser now comes in a newly enhanced formula to get rid of acne, wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation for good. It's jam-packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients including Soy Isoflavones, Pueraria Mirifica, Wild Yam, Red Clover and Copper Tripeptide-1. Joining forces to work with these ingredients are Triple-Action technology to minimise wrinkles and tighten skin, Iontophoresis system to boost nutrient absorption, LED Red Light to repair damaged skin cells and stimulate collagen production, and integrated Microseismic Massage function to aid lymphatic drainage and reinforce skin elasticity.

Get it here for $298 (U.P.: $398).

The Best Anti-Ageing Essence - SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment EssencePhoto from SK-II

This iconic skincare darling needs no introduction. Formulated with over 90% PITERA, it boosts skin cell regeneration, which in turn reverses the signs of ageing and rejuvenates skin texture. This treatment essence also works to balance the skin's pH and sebum secretion and boost skin clarity with vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Get it here from $133.

The Best Brightening Essence - Alluora Elixir Essence

Alluora Elixir EssencePhoto from Alluora

Rich in skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide, yeast extract, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, sesame seed oil and soybean extract, this all-in-one essence can rejuvenate the most lacklustre complexion for a more youthful and glowing look. It does the basics - hydrate, smoothen and brighten - while softening the look of fine lines around the eyes and mouth as well as strengthening the skin's ability to resist irritation and sensitivity.

Get it here for $78.

OxygenCeuticals D-O2 Activator MistPhoto from OxygenCeuticals

Enriched with pure oxygen and minerals, this facial mist revitalises the skin instantly with a spritz. The cartridge is loaded with 125PPM dissolved oxygen which helps protect the skin from free-radical damage and regenerates the skin barrier. At the same time, deep sea water rich in essential mineral has anti-bacterial benefits and reinforces skin immunity. It also has a comforting cooling effect and reduces any redness.

Get it here for $99.

Jung Beauty Probiotics Firming & Brightening Eye SerumPhoto from Jung Beauty

A lighter alternative to an eye cream, this eye serum comes with a unique metal applicator that has a nice cooling effect when massaging the serum under the eyes. The formulation consists of key ingredients like Probiotics, Panthenol, Bakuchiol, Caffeine and the Brightening Trio to firm, hydrate and brighten the eye zone.

Get it here for $77.

The Best Beauty Salon - Meow Beauty Bar

Meow Beauty BarPhoto from Meow Beauty Bar

Located a few steps from Nicoll Highway MRT station is this charming cat-themed beauty bar, a one-stop destination for your beauty needs from head to toe. It offers a wide variety of top-notch skincare, body and haircare treatments from facials, lash lifts and manicures to teeth whitening, body slimming treatments and even vulva tightening.

Book your appointment here. Read our full review here.

The Best Salon For Hair Colouring - EX Style Luminaire Hair Colour

EX Style Luminaire Hair ColourPhoto from EX Style

Formulated in Japan, this revolutionary hair colour range uses Tressynergy (TSS) Silk Technology to colour the hair in sophisticated hues while making it silky smooth, shiny and healthy. The technology improves the density in the hair cortex, enhances hair elasticity to prevent breakage, reinforces hair structure, and supplies the hair with new keratin to strengthen it. The colour quality isn't compromised either! Luminaire is a fade-defying hair colour that can last up to two months and even increases in lustre so the hair looks brighter and healthier over time.

Book your appointment here, with prices from $149.

The Best Hair Care Service - TK TrichoKare Scalp Purifying Therapy

TK TrichoKare's Customised Scalp TreatmentsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This award-winning treatment is a 2.5-hour pampering session that can be customised to fix any hair woe from dandruff and hair loss to itchy or sensitive scalps. It starts and ends with a hair & scalp scan analysis to compare the results before and after, and indulgent steps including a scalp masque, essence and infrared light technology. To top it all off, first-time customers get to bring home TrichoKare's signature shampoo and conditioner.

Book your treatment here for $48 nett.

My Cozy RoomPhoto from My Cozy Room

This highly raved pore extraction facial is a life-saver for anyone with clogged pores, acne or blackheads and whiteheads, enlarged pores, and oily or combination skin. Thorough yet gentle, this treatment improves the skin condition in the short and long run. A 2-hour session involves a total of 22 intricate steps including deep cleansing, renewal peel, ultrasonic skin scrubber, facial steaming, masks and coollight therapy, just to name a few! Completing the luxe experience are additional pampering services like eyebrow shaping, anti-stress shoulder massage, a final application of skincare and a dusting of powder on the shoulders to end it off with a refreshing sensation.

Book your appointment here.

The Best TCM Beauty Treatment - Guo Tai TCM

Guo Tai TCM FacialPhoto from Guo Tai TCM

TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and beauty might not seem to cross worlds, but TCM cosmetology treatments are the real deal and focuses on deep, natural healing to rejuvenate and restore the skin's health from the inside out.

Guo Tai TCM's treatments are tailored to individual concerns, and has no downtime or side effects. It uses a mix of acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine to enhance the skin's radiance, clear acne, smooth wrinkles, and relax facial muscles which softens brow lines.

Book your appointment here.