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Flower Knows Unveils New Midsummer Fairytales Collection With Cleansing Balms, Hair Brushes & More

Flower Knows Unveils New Midsummer Fairytales Collection With Cleansing Balms, Hair Brushes & More

Beauty Cosmetics
By Zoe Zeng on 29 May 2024

Nothing gets us quite as pumped up as a fresh new makeup launch — especially when it comes in drop-dead gorgeous packaging, like the new Midsummer Fairytales Collection from Flower Knows!


This time round, the popular C-beauty brand is highlighting the magic of garden fairies with a series of powder pink and pastel products. Combining storybook-esque artwork with floral and butterfly motifs, this collection is pretty much the epitome of a wearable secret garden.

Read on to see all the products available in the series!

Midsummer Fairytales Eyebrow Palette

Midsummer Fairytales Eyebrow PalettePhoto from Flower Knows

Looking for a compact brow palette that comes with its own mirror and also looks amazing on your vanity? The Midsummer Fairytales Eyebrow Palette is your best bet.

Available in three variations, each of these compacts contains a trio of butterfly-embossed eyebrow pigments. Plus, the travel-size applicator inside comes with an angled brush end and a barrel brush end for even more convenience.

Midsummer Fairytales Perfume


Midsummer Fairytales PerfumePhoto from Flower Knows

If there is one item we're just dying to get our hands on, it's got to be these stunning Midsummer Fairytales Perfumes. They come in bottles vaguely resembling those pretty candle lanterns from IKEA, but even fancier. You can get these in two scents: the fruity Midsummer Fantasy, and floral Butterfly Narcissus.

Midsummer Fairytales Velvet Embossed Blush

Midsummer Fairytales Velvet Embossed BlushPhoto from Flower Knows

Is it even a new Flower Knows launch if it doesn't come with a selection of their highly raved embossed blushes?

Those who love variety will find no shortage of options here, since these Midsummer Fairytales Velvet Embossed Blushes come in five radiant hues! The surface of each compact comes with a delicate fairy relief that'll have you sparkling in excitement.

Midsummer Fairytales Liquid Highlighter

Midsummer Fairytales Liquid HighlighterPhoto from Flower Knows


If pressed powder highlighters aren't quite up your alley, give these handy Midsummer Fairytales Liquid Highlighters a go! They come in four shades, each in a pink tube topped with intricate, raised details.

Midsummer Fairytales Coating Lip Lacquer

Midsummer Fairytales Coating Lip LacquerPhoto from Flower Knows

These look quite similar to the liquid highlighters, but don't get confused — each of these five pastel pink and green tubes contain a smooth Midsummer Fairytales Coating Lip Lacquer that goes on your puckers like a dream.

Midsummer Fairytales Embossed Five-Colour Makeup Palette

Midsummer Fairytales Embossed Five-Colour Makeup PalettePhoto from Flower Knows

Love to play with a variety of eyeshadow looks? The Midsummer Fairytales Embossed Five-Colour Makeup Palette is about to be your top pick. These palettes come with frolicking fairies in its cover design, and open up to a lovely selection of embossed pigments!

Midsummer Fairytales Paddle Brush, Hand Mirror & Hair Clips

Midsummer Fairytales All-in Gift BoxPhoto from Flower Knows

Those who are familiar with Flower Knows will know that stunning gifts are always included with purchase of a full collection. That said, if you pick the Midsummer Fairytales All-in Gift Box, you'll receive all the aforementioned products in a gorgeous pink mini dresser-style box.

Midsummer Fairytales Cleansing Balm & AccessoriesPhoto from Flower Knows

On top of all that, the set will also include accessories like a paddle brush, three heart-shaped hand mirrors, a makeup cleansing balm, two blush brushes and two hair clips!

The Midsummer Fairytales collection will be available for purchase online via their official Shopee store from 6 June 2024.

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