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First Look At 'Stranger Things - The Encounter: Singapore', An Immersive Theme Park-Like Attraction

First Look At 'Stranger Things - The Encounter: Singapore', An Immersive Theme Park-Like Attraction

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By Karmen on 30 Jun 2023
Digital Editor

Still obsessed with Netflix's Stranger Things? You're not alone! The hit series has such an enduring fandom that it has themed pop-up attractions adored by the masses all around the world. And now, one has landed at our shores - Stranger Things - The Encounter: Singapore.


Organised by the Mighty Jaxx Group in collaboration with Netflix, this immersive retail experience will be at Bugis+ from 30 June to 1 October 2023.

And while its rather humbly named a retail space, I think it's more like a mini Stranger Things theme park. The six zones are intricately decorated to resemble iconic scenes from the series, and the experience is complete with games, interactive shows, merchandise and even character-inspired food and drinks.

After registering and collecting my XPass wristband at the Palace Arcade, I headed to Level 7 with a group of visitors and started the journey at the Hellfire Club. We kept our phones away for this showcase - as it's a strictly no-photography and no-videography zone - and participated as players of a Dungeons & Dragons game. As the charismatic actor ushered us to roll the dice and improvised sinister stories, lights flickered and thunder roared right on cue.

From there, my group headed to Joyce Byers Living Room, a perfect recreation of the iconic room in the show where Christmas lights flicker erratically as a sign of paranormal activity.

Joyce Byers Living RoomPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This room was so beautifully detailed that it felt like I was stepping into the set of the series. There were even little details that show-watchers will love interacting with like a bowl of Christmas lights that glow when you place your hand on it.

Interactive lights at Joyce Byers Living RoomPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


There's also a yellow rotary dial telephone that rings and if you pick it up, you can hear Joyce Byers panicked voice on the other end.

After that is a 2-person game at The Lab with the goal to close the rift.

The LabPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The LabPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Finally, the group headed down a creepy tunnel leading to The Upside Down, another zone where cameras aren't allowed. Not to give away major spoilers, but even though there were no scare actors, it was the most theme park-like showcase and will ended the journey on a chilling yet uplifting note!

Entrance to The Upside DownPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Entrance to The Upside DownPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Every room was hyper-detailed and the production quality was stellar, enhancing the experience with special effects, technology and even fog systems that made for a pretty scary time.


While walking through The Encounter, look out for the "gates" scattered around the rooms. Hover your XPass wristband on it to collect FRGMNTS, digital assets that you can use to customise merchandise. Collect as many as you can so you'll have more options to create your unique design.

Collecting FRGMNTSPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

At the Starcourt Mall, a Stranger Things-themed F&B and retail zone, I used my FRGMNTS like the shotgun and Demogorgon flower monster to personalise my t-shirt. Visitors have an option of personalising a tote bag too.

Personalised Stranger Things T-ShirtPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This zone is a Stranger Things merch paradise, with everything from T-shirts ($39.90), Mugs ($29.90) and Movie Posters ($32.90) to Demopets blind boxes ($18.90).

Starcourt MallPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you're not ready to leave the Stranger Things world yet, grab a bite at one of the F&B zones themed after food spots in the show.

First is Surfer Boy Pizza, where you can indulge in homemade Sicilian-style pizzas like Hellfire Club ($13) topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes and basil, and Singapore Stranger ($14), which comes with braised beef brisket, rendang sauce, mozzarella cheese, pickled onions and cucumber.


Surfer Boy PizzaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Sicilian-style pizzas by Surfer Boy PizzaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Wash that down with a milkshake! I went for Eleven's Power Drink ($10), a rich and pleasantly sweet strawberry milkshake.

Eleven's Power Drink Milkshake by Surfer Boy PizzaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Craving something sweet, instead? Head to Scoops Ahoy by homegrown gelato brand Burnt Cones. This retro-style diner offers gelato ($6/scoop) in classic flavours like Dark Chocolate and Pistachio as well as localised flavours like Milo Dinosaur. Diners who purchase two scoops of ice cream will have it served in a cup with dry ice creating a photo-worthy effect. You can also add on Eleven's favourite Waffle (+$7) or Eddie's Hellfire Cone (+$1).

Scoops AhoyPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Gelato by Scoops AhoyPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Is 'Stranger Things - The Encounter: Singapore' worth the price?

Tickets are priced at $39 (weekday) and $49 (weekend) for a full Encounter. That seems pricey, but if you're a fan of Stranger Things, it'll be well worth every dollar!

Hardcore fans can opt for the VIP XPASS Ticket at $109 (weekday) and $119 (weekend) which includes priority event access and a Hellfire Club VIP Bundle consisting of a cap and T-shirt.

Those who want to visit the Starcourt area only can purchase tickets at $15.

Otherwise, there's merchandise and a free photo-op area at Level 2 that's free for the public to access.

Stranger Things - The Encounter: Singapore
Location: Bugis+, 201 Victoria St, Singapore 188067, Level 2 Stranger Things Encounter - Visitor Center and Level 7 Stranger Things Encounter - Event Hall
Dates: 30 June to 1 October 2023
Opening times: Mon to Thurs: 2 – 10pm; Fri, Sat & Sun: 10am – 10pm
Duration: approx. 45 mins
Book tickets: (walk-ins are welcome, but tickets are limited and advance booking is advised for guaranteed entry.)

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