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8 Ways To Display Your POP MART Figures & Keep Them Dust-Free

8 Ways To Display Your POP MART Figures & Keep Them Dust-Free

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By Karmen on 23 Jan 2023
Digital Editor

So you've spent some time, and possibly a small fortune, curating a collection of POP MART figures. It's only right that they're shown off properly in display units that keep them dust-free.


Check out eight ways you can display your POP MART collection:

#1 Stackable Display Boxes

Toy Figure Display BoxPhoto from Shopee

These cute retro TV-esque display boxes ($10.90) are the perfect home for your POP MART figures. Each box comes with stands of varying heights so the figures at the back of the box can be elevated.

This storage solution is also ideal for a growing collection. Once you've run out of space, you can simply stack on another box on top to display more POP MART figures.

Transparent stackable display box with individual compartmentsPhoto from Shopee

Have a lot of vertical space to spare? Go for this display box with grids (from $17.28). It creates a different kind of visually appealing effect as the POP MART figures are evenly spaced out and look very neat and symmetrical. These boxes are also stackable; align each box with the one under it and the magnets will secure them together.


Display tip: place the little POP MART cards you get behind the figures so they each have their own themed backdrop!

#2 Display Box With LED Lights

Transparent Display Case with LED LightsPhoto from Shopee

Lighting is also important when creating a display. If the room or display area is on the dim side, get these acrylic display cases with LED lights (from $23.14). These bad boys will quite literally shine a spotlight on your prized figures and highlight every detail.

#3 Display Shelves

Wall shelves with transparent doorsPhoto from Shopee

You can also "frame" and hang up your POP MART collection like art using these display shelves ($18.80) that have a charming boxy shape. They're much narrower than typical shelves which keeps them from looking bulky. They also have transparent doors to help keep out dust.

Wall shelves with transparent doorsPhoto from Shopee


#4 Acrylic Display Stands

Acrylic Display StandPhoto from Shopee

Another option is to repurpose the glass cabinet or display case you have at home. The only downside of this display method is that the POP MART figures at the back are hidden from sight. This can be fixed with a simple acrylic stand (from $15.90)!

There are also coloured options (from $6.35) in white, black and red.

Display standsPhoto from Shopee

#5 Dessert Stands

Acrylic Cake StandsPhoto from Shopee

If you like a less conventional look, go all out with these semicircle ($15.55) and tiered ($15.55) cake stands for an over-the-top POP MART display.


#6 Toy Shelves

IKEA LUSTIGT Wall shelfPhoto from IKEA

An obvious choice for POP MART figures are toy shelves in the kids section! Choose a minimalist one that doesn't look kiddish like this IKEA LUSTIGT Wall shelf ($9.90). It has just the right width to display your POP MART babies without taking too much space.

#7 Jewellery & Perfume Display Stands

Zackly Display ShelfPhoto from FortyTwo

Another hunting ground is the display units designed for perfume, jewellery and toiletries. Highlight your favourite POP MART pieces on this house-shaped display shelf ($38.90) or this pretty wooden jewellery stand ($23.38).

Wooden jewellery standPhoto from Shopee

#8 Honeycomb Shelves


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Say you're not into that conventional 'toy display' look, your best bet is to incorporate your POP MART figures into so-called grown-up decor pieces. For instance, you can try displaying a mix of items including POP MART figures, picture frames and potted plants on a honeycomb shelf ($40.40).

The cool, architectural look of the hexagonal shapes make the shelving itself - and not its contents - work as the focal point of the room. All that's left is to add in some POP MART figures and keep things sophisticated with some larger decor items in muted colours. This one's not a dust-free display solution, but the cleaning will be fairly minimal since it can only fit a small collection of items.

Hexagonal Wall ShelfPhoto from Lazada

Or customise your own honeycomb design with these individual wooden hexagon shelves ($5.39 each).

Wooden hexagon shelvesPhoto from Shopee

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