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8 Full-Length Mirrors Under $200 In Singapore For Aesthetic Fashion Selfies

8 Full-Length Mirrors Under $200 In Singapore For Aesthetic Fashion Selfies

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By Karmen on 08 Jan 2023
Digital Editor

A full-length mirror is a must-have for the bedroom. Besides its cool factor and practical use when getting dressed, it's also ideal for mirror selfies.


We're firm believers that cute outfits deserve to be documented and shared. And what better way to frame and elevate your mirror selfies than with an aesthetic full-length mirror?

#1 Frameless Wave Mirror

Wave mirrorPhoto from Shopee

We're obsessed with the wave mirror trend that's so simple yet visually arresting. This frameless one will work well in minimalist interiors or any other space.

Get it here -> from $41.89 - $106.71

#2 Asymmetrical Mirror

Asymmetrical full-length mirrorPhoto from Shopee


This mirror has an irregular shape which gives it an unconventional look that'll add an artsy touch to the room.

Get it here -> for $41.89 - $106.71

#3 Arched Mirror

Full-length arched mirrorPhoto from Shopee

If you're looking for something classic and timeless, you can't go wrong with a gold arched mirror.

Get it here -> for $23.54 - $157.65

#4 Avocado Green Asymmetrical Framed Mirror

Aesthetic avocado green full-length mirrorPhoto from Shopee


Another funky design, this asymmetric mirror has a thick frame in a vivid green - perfect for adding a pop of colour. It also comes in white, navy and khaki.

Get it here -> from $174.11

#5 Wave Framed Mirror

Full-length mirror with pink wave framePhoto from Shopee

These mirrors have that fun wave design with added drama from the coloured frames.

Aesthetic wave full-length mirrorsPhoto from Shopee

Get it here -> from $171.72

#6 Inverse Wave Framed Mirror


Full-length mirror with wave cut-outPhoto from Shopee

There's also this wave mirror that has an arch-shaped frame.

Get it here -> for $160.92

#7 Bear Framed Mirror

Bear-shaped full-length mirror with white framePhoto from Shopee

Something even more whimsical is this bear-shaped mirror with frames in a myriad of colours like pink, blue, purple and green.

Get it here -> for $195.55

#8 Bear Frameless Mirror

Bear-shaped full-length mirrorPhoto from Shopee

Prefer something cleaner and more sleek fitting for a modern interior? Go for this frameless version!

Get it here -> from $173.57

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