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Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku Review: Michelin Guide Brand From Hong Kong Opens BBQ Restaurant In Singapore At Jewel Changi

Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku Review: Michelin Guide Brand From Hong Kong Opens BBQ Restaurant In Singapore At Jewel Changi

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By Karmen on 13 Dec 2022
Digital Editor

We're spoilt for choice when it comes to BBQ joints, and the all-new Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku has just joined the line-up of first-rate options.


Listed in Hong Kong's Michelin Guide in 2016 and 2017, Wa-En specialises in premium meats including Miyazaki A4 and A5 Wagyu. The brand has opened its first outlet in Singapore at Jewel Changi Airport boasting a bar serving light bites, wines, Japanese whiskeys and craft cocktails.

Side note: Jewel is also home to 7-Eleven's first 7cafe in Singapore. The new outlet has dining areas with charging ports.

Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku Jewel ChangiPhoto from Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku

Ambience at Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku

The upscale interiors balance luxurious design elements with cosy touches like warm woods and comfy oversized chairs you'd just sink into. Most of the dining space comprises of booth seating providing a private dining experience.

Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku Jewel Changi interiorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

At the back of the restaurant are the most coveted seats, covered in gentle natural light and offering a view of the Rain Vortex.


Seats facing the Rain Vortex at Wa-En Wagyu YakinikuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Food at Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku

For your first visit, get yourself the Luxury Wagyu Beef Platter ($158) to try a variety of Wagyu cuts: Sirloin, Ribeye, Deluxe Karubi and Australian Beef Tongue. Each cut offers a different yet equally mouthwatering flavour along with a buttery texture.

Luxury Wagyu Beef Platter - Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku Jewel ChangiPhoto from Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku

If you're set on a cut that bursts in the mouth but has a more delicate umami flavour, go for any one of the Miyazaki Wagyu plates ($25 - $50). Those who are all about that intense beefy flavour will love the Australian Wagyu cuts ($25 - $48).

Premium Miyazaki Wagyu Chuck RollPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

It's also a plus that my clothes made it through the meal without a trace of BBQ smoke smell. That's all thanks to the grill, imported from Japan, that has a furnace structure with net surface and downdraft exhaust.

Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku grillPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


Besides the meat, the side dishes at Wa-En also made an impression. The Assorted Kimchi ($12) and Assorted Namul ($12) made for refreshing and highly addictive palate cleansers between the fatty meats.

Assorted Kimchi and Assorted NamulPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The Black Edamame ($7) was another highlight of the meal. This variety of edamame has a creamier and richer texture than regular edamame, and less of that grassy, beany taste.

Black EdamamePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Carb options include Japanese Rice ($2) and Udon ($16 - $20), but what's really worth ordering is the Morioka Cold Noodles ($18). This hearty bowl has a refreshing and clean-tasting combination of Japanese cucumber, kimchi and spinach, with a silky texture from the onsen egg and crunch from the bean sprouts.

Morioka Cold NoodlesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Wa-En Bar

Something exclusive to the Singapore outlet is the 9-seater bar featuring a variety of wines, whiskys and craft cocktails, complemented by bar bites like Wagyu Tartare ($32) and Wagyu Foie Gras Tacos ($22).

Up for an experimental cocktail? Try the Miyazaki Wagyu Fat-washed Old Fashioned ($24). Despite the unusual wagyu element, this was actually a very palatable whisky-based cocktail with a lovely sweetness from Okinawan brown sugar syrup balanced with Angostura Bitter. The beefy aftertaste is ever-so-subtle, and garnishing it is a slice of Miyazaki wagyu on a skewer.

Miyazaki Wagyu Fat-washed Old-FashionedPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Wa-En Wagyu Yakiniku is located at Jewel Changi Airport #01-224 and is open from 11am to 10pm.

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