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Nami Korean Grill House Review: New BBQ Restaurant With Wagyu & Prime Cuts, Traditional Korean Dishes

Nami Korean Grill House Review: New BBQ Restaurant With Wagyu & Prime Cuts, Traditional Korean Dishes

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By Karmen on 09 Oct 2022
Digital Editor

Feeding the ever-growing love for Korean food in Singapore is yet another KBBQ joint - NAMI Korean Grill House. Created by the same folks behind the popular Hanjip Korean Grill House, NAMI is tucked away in the quiet Greenwood neighbourhood and takes on a more relaxed vibe inspired by South Korea's popular Nami Island.


The restaurant's interior design is kept simple and fuss-free, with cosy, dim lighting and a splash of nature with faux autumn leaves wrapped around a pillar.

Nami Korean Grill House interiorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

And good news for those who prefer to have the grilling done by the experts, the staff at Nami Korean Grill House will do all the work, barbecuing the meat to your desired doneness.

First timers who want a taste of the different meat cuts can go for the platters. If you're in the mood for pork, get the Kurobuta Platter ($98 for 450g), which comes with three types of pork. Prefer beef? Go for one of the Beef Platters ($138/$148 for 500g) that have a mix of wagyu beef, short ribs and beef brisket.

Or get a mix of beef and pork cuts with the premium NAMI Platters ($168/$148 for 600 - 650g).

Meat Platter with Wagyu Striploin, Marinated Boneless Short Ribs and Marinated Pork CollarPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The beautifully marbled Wagyu Striploin ($68 for 200g) was the standout star of our meal. Succulent yet firm and with a robust flavour, this prized meat was good enough on its own. Dip it in the salt, sweet tari sauce or ssamjang for extra flavour.


Wagyu StriploinPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

We also loved the Marinated Boneless Short Ribs ($45 for 150g) for its tenderness and deep beefy flavour enhanced by the smoky char from the charcoal grill.

Marinated Boneless Short RibsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The fatty and juicy Marinated Pork Collar ($35 for 150g) was scored which gave every piece a burst of fragrant sweet and salty flavours. Curiously, the marinate reminded us of Chinese-style char siew!

Marinated Pork CollarPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Barbecue short ribs in lettuce wrapPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Like any respectable Korean BBQ restaurant, NAMI serves up complimentary, free-flow banchan including spice-packed Kimchi, refreshing and palate-cleansing Pickled Radish, and a sticky mix of Anchovies & Peanuts. The side dishes change daily with some available only in the afternoon or night, like Lotus Root - a dinnertime exclusive.

BanchanPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


To complete your meal are a wide range of traditional Korean dishes like the light and fluffy Steamed Egg ($10) and Pancakes ($20 - $22) with a choice of seafood, kimchi, potato or chives.

Steamed EggPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The Kimchi Pancake ($20) was a little underwhelming as it lacked that coveted crispy edge and could've done with stronger sour and spicy flavours.

Kimchi PancakePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There are also hearty soups like Ginseng Chicken ($30). The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender as promised, but the ginseng taste was milder than expected. If you're not a fan of that potent herbal taste of typical ginseng soup, NAMI's rendition will be a comforting fix that won't overwhelm your taste buds.

Ginseng ChickenPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

A unique dish worth trying is Marinated Prawns ($48). This delicacy has raw prawns soaked in a mild soy sauce. After getting past the initial skepticism, we were pleasantly surprised as the prawns had no trace of fishiness. Instead, they had a natural sweetness combined with the saltiness of the sauce, and a lovely bouncy texture that was firmer and more palatable compared to marinated raw crab.

Marinated PrawnsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Wash all that down with some soju! NAMI offers Chorong Chorong Soju ($18/bottle, $48 for 3) which is a much milder and sweeter soju and comes in a variety of fruity flavours like apple and lychee.

Chorong Chorong SojuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

NAMI is currently running a promotion where you can receive a complimentary plate of Wagyu Beef Brisket worth ($32++) with a minimum spend of $100++. All you have to do is make your reservation via Chope and apply the code 'NAMIBRISKET', then flash the Facebook post or Instagram post when ordering.

The barbecued meat at NAMI was stellar and left us reminiscing about it fondly. Still, the restaurant is in a pretty ulu area that's an 11-minute walk away from the nearest MRT station. If the journey there is inconvenient, you might be better off heading to the more accessible Hanjip (Clarke Quay MRT) instead.

Nami Korean Grill House
Address: 18 Greenwood Avenue S289212⁣
Opening hours:⁣ 11.30am - 2.30pm (Last order 1.45pm)⁣ & 5 - 11pm (last order: 9.45pm)⁣
Facebook | Instagram

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