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Titus Low To Be Jailed 3 Weeks For Defying Police Order & Fined $3000 For Sharing Obscene Content

Titus Low To Be Jailed 3 Weeks For Defying Police Order & Fined $3000 For Sharing Obscene Content

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By Jayme on 12 Oct 2022
Digital Editor

News about Titus Low’s OnlyFans adventure first broke out in 2021, which saw him being arrested in December that same year for sharing obscene photos and videos of himself electronically - a criminal offence in the eyes of Singapore law.


Titus LowPhoto from @titusslow

Since then, he was nailed with multiple charges for repeatedly accessing his OnlyFans account and continuing to feed erotic content to his subscribers after being ordered by the police not to. Despite that, life seemed normal for this 22-year-old who recently got married to Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin, opened his first ice cream shop, and is now soon to be a father. Well, until today, that is. 

Titus Low and Cheryl ChinPhoto from @cherb8ar

On 12 October 2022, news about Titus’ offence status was released on The Straits Times, announcing that the controversial content creator has pleaded guilty and will be jailed for three weeks for breaching a police order to not access his OnlyFans account while investigations were ongoing, as well as fined $3000 for transmitting obscene materials on the subscription-based platform. 

Titus Low and Cheryl ChinPhoto from @titusslow

His pregnant wife, Cheryl, was also present in court during the proceedings. However, at time of writing, the duo have not yet posted any personal updates about the charges on their socials.

Titus Low IG StoryPhoto from @titusslow

Titus has, however, taken to Instagram at around 1 to 2pm, most likely after the court proceedings, to post an IG story with the Questions feature stating “Q&A will answer in a video” -  possibly implying that he will soon be answering questions related to his criminal charges. 

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