7 Effective & Sustainable Hair Care Products For Every Hair Type Or Concern

7 Effective & Sustainable Hair Care Products For Every Hair Type Or Concern

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By Samantha Ann Francis on 31 Aug 2022
Senior Editor

These days, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by chemical-filled products that claim to do a million good things for your mane. If pared-down and effective hair care is what you’re after, Davines is a brand worth your while. Certified Corp B since 2016, the sustainable beauty brand walks the talk with a comprehensive range of clean hair products that are not only free of sulphates and parabens, but also highly natural. 

Minimally packaged, Davines’ products are designed, formulated, and produced in their laboratories in Parma. The good news? They’re now available online and shoppers can enjoy 10% off storewide with any purchase of 2 items, from now till 30 Sep

And here’s the final kicker for those who are adding to cart - all Davines products will be 100% plastic neutral in 2022, certified by Plastic Bank. This means that for every product sold this year, the brand will help to collect an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic in vulnerable coastal communities such as Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines. So when you’re shopping from Davines, you’re helping the environment as well! 

Read on for 7 sustainable hair care products you should check out from Davines! 

#1 DEDE Shampoo Bar, $28.50

DEDE Shampoo Bar, $28.50, Davines.Photo from Davines

If your hair tends to be dry and dehydrated, make a beeline for this solid shampoo bar made from 97.1% biodegradable ingredients. Suitable for gentle daily cleansing, it develops into a rich and creamy foam upon contact with water. Lather it up, apply to wet hair, and rinse thoroughly for hair that’s soft and shiny with a silky texture. 

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#2 SU Hair Mask, $42

SU Hair Mask, $42, Davines.Photo from Davines

Sun lovers ought to invest in this hair mask, which is designed to combat the effects of exposure to sun, salt, or chlorine. Moisturising and anti-ageing, the mask has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to restore softness and lightness to dull hair, leaving it smooth and manageable.

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#3 NOUNOU Shampoo, $29.50

NOUNOU Shampoo, $29.50, Davines.Photo from Davines

Can’t remember the last time you took care of your damaged hair? This nourishing shampoo is heaven-sent for those with bleached, permed, or relaxed hair. Its rich formula gently cleanses treated hair, leaving it deeply nourished and restoring its natural softness. Packed with natural ingredients, this shampoo gives brittle hair extra shine.

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#4 REBALANCING Cleansing Treatment, $38

REBALANCING Cleansing Treatment, $38 , DavinesPhoto from Davines

Oily hair is a common concern when you’re living in sunny Singapore. To combat greasy scalp and heavy hair, check out this liquid treatment, which effectively reduces sebum hyperproduction. Created to maintain a healthy scalp without the rebound effects common with sebum regulating treatments, this product is made with natural ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, and burnet extracts.

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#5 PURIFYING Shampoo, $31

PURIFYING Shampoo, $31, Davines.Photo from Davines

Dandruff isn’t a pretty sight, especially when it’s accompanied by an itchy scalp and discomfort. This shampoo was specially formulated for scalps with dry or greasy dandruff. Clarifying and detoxifying, this purifying shampoo fights microbial attacks and dandruff, establishing a healthy environment for hair growth.

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#6 ENERGIZING Thickening Tonic, $59

ENERGIZING Thickening Tonic, $59, Davines.Photo from Davines

A full-bodied mane often seems like a pipe dream for those suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, but this tonic might just be the solution. Formulated with hair energy complex and caffeine phytoceutical, the leave-in tonic helps to increase the diameter of the hair fibre, expanding it from the first application. The result? Hair that’s shiny and full bodied, with an invigorated scalp.

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#7 Hair Refresher, $39

Hair Refresher, $39, Davines.Photo from Davines

To keep your freshly coloured hair in tip-top condition, why not invest in this dry shampoo that refreshes and cleans your hair without the need for water? It is also perfect for creating volume as it absorbs excess oil, immediately giving body to the hair so that it looks full and airy.

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