Light Up Your Style With 3 Trendy Hair Colours (& Where To Get Them For Less Than $20!)

Light Up Your Style With 3 Trendy Hair Colours (& Where To Get Them For Less Than $20!)

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By Sophie Hong on 05 Jul 2022
Senior Editor

Considering a fresh new hairstyle, but don’t want to spend hours sitting in a salon chair? Here’s a quick and easy way to get your summer hair makeover - all it takes is just 30 minutes and a box (or two if you have longer hair) of Liese’s iconic Creamy Bubble Color hair dye!

Liese Creamy Bubble Color is debuting three new shades this year: (from left) Olive Ash, Berry Pink & Chiffon Brown.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried dyeing your hair yourself… or did once to disastrous results. The Creamy Bubble Color range from Liese is designed to give you complete and even coverage, thanks to its innovative non-drip bubble foam. There’s no complicated sectioning or brushing involved - simply lather up and wait 30 minutes before rinsing off to reveal a vibrant and consistent hair colour from root to tip.

How to dye your hair with Liese Creamy Bubble ColorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

And while certain hair dyes can be rather harsh on your hair cuticles, the Liese Creamy Bubble Color range makes sure that your hair is well-protected with a key ingredient called royal jelly, which repairs damage and prevents hair loss. It also helps with soothing and protecting sensitive scalps, so you can rest assured that this formula will be gentle on both your scalp and hair. 

And just like how you’d get an aftercare treatment at the salon, the Liese Creamy Bubble Color hair dye also comes with a rinse-off treatment in the box. Simply apply the rinse-off treatment after dyeing your hair to remove any hints of ammonia and keep your freshly-dyed hair healthy, moisturised and smooth.

Liese Creamy Bubble ColorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Vibrant hair colours are always popular choices for summer, and Liese Creamy Bubble Color has an extensive range of 18 salon-inspired colors, which are blended with Grayish or Bluish color to achieve a sheer and soft finishing. Take your pick from natural brown shades such as Milk Tea Brown and Chestnut Brown, or go for bold with fashionable design colors like Mint Ash, Deep Violet and even Dark Navy! 

This year, you can look forward to the debut of three new trendy shades - Berry Pink, Olive Ash and Chiffon Brown. These new shades are even brighter and more vibrant than the existing Liese Creamy Bubble Color shades!

Read on for more details about these new shades from Liese Creamy Bubble Color.

#1 Berry Pink

Berry PinkPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Going for a sweet yet elegant look? Then try Berry Pink, a warm pink-brown shade. What’s unique about this colour is that when it catches the light, it takes on a soft, lovely pink hue - almost as if you’re wearing a filter! This colour also helps to cancel out yellow and orange undertones, so it works very well for those who want to get rid of brassy tones in bleached hair. And here’s a fun fact: the Berry Pink shade was specially developed to complement Asian skin tones! Our reviewer’s hair was originally bleached, which resulted in the front strands looking brighter than the rest of her mane.

#2 Olive Ash

Olive AshPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you’re going for a girl crush concept with your new hair, then you’ve got to try Olive Ash. A striking matte ash shade with green, grey and yellow tones, this stylish colour would go super well with darker or androgynous outfits. We find that this color compliments tanned, sunkissed skin best!

#3 Chiffon Brown

Chiffon BrownPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If your style leans towards the natural, little-to-no-makeup kind of vibe, then Chiffon Brown is the shade for you. A bright yet natural shade of brown, this colour subtly draws attention to your face without being too loud. It works great for those with short hair or loose curls because this sheer shade looks best when there are some soft movements in your hair.

Try on Liese’s new Creamy Bubble colours!

Liese Creamy Bubble ColorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Still undecided on which shade you should go for? Good news - you can now virtually try it on first! Click here to try on the full range of Liese’s Creamy Bubble Color. 

The Liese Creamy Bubble Color range retails at S$19.90 and is available in leading pharmacies, personal care stores, and supermarkets from July 2022 onwards at a promotional price of $17.90. Watsons also carries 3 exclusive shades: Berry Pink, Dark Navy, and Silvery Ash Grey.

This post is brought to you by Liese. 

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