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New 7-Eleven x Tiger Beer Beachfront Store In Singapore Has Instagrammable Murals, Coke Slushie Machine, Reverse Tap Bar

New 7-Eleven x Tiger Beer Beachfront Store In Singapore Has Instagrammable Murals, Coke Slushie Machine, Reverse Tap Bar

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By Karmen on 20 Jun 2022
Digital Editor

Almost two years after the Coca-Cola-themed store at Raffles Place first opened its doors, 7-Eleven has unveiled yet another Instagrammable store, and this time, in collaboration with Tiger Beer.


Sitting on the sands of Palawan Beach at Sentosa, the graffiti-covered beachfront store offers photo ops as well as Tiger beer on tap and other drinks and food that guests can enjoy at the 7-Eleven x Tiger Beer chillout area.

7-Eleven Palawan Sentosa StorefrontPhoto from 7-Eleven

7-Eleven Palawan Sentosa graffiti muralPhoto from 7-Eleven

True to the nature of convenience stores, this 7-Eleven x Tiger Beer outlet will have a special reverse tap bar that automatically dispenses the right pour of beer in cups. This means customers can get their beer quickly and easily on their own - no need for a bartender!

7-Eleven Palawan Sentosa Reverse Tap BeerPhoto from 7-Eleven

The store will also have the new and exclusive Nitro Tea, beverages made with nitrogen infusion that gives beverages natural sweetness taste without added sweeteners or calories. Both the black tea and caffeine-free fruit teas promise a rich, dairy-free foam and refreshing taste.

7-Eleven Palawan Sentosa Nitro TeaPhoto from 7-Eleven

Something else to try at the Palawan Beach store is the Arctic Coke machine. Simply choose your bottle of Coca-Cola, put it into the machine and press a button, and you'll get an icy cold Coke slushie.

7-Eleven Palawan Sentosa Arctic Coke MachinePhoto from 7-Eleven

Those who balk at the food prices at Sentosa will be glad to know that this 7-Eleven store will provide you with plenty of affordable food options. Head to the hot food counter for fried chicken, croissants, tarts, doughnuts and madeleines, or take your pick from the range of ready-to-eat meals.

7-Eleven Palawan Sentosa Hot foodPhoto from 7-Eleven

To celebrate its opening, 7-Eleven's Sentosa Palawan Beach store will have activities, promotions and freebies on 25 and 26 June 2022 from 10am onwards. Customers will enjoy free popcorn, balloons, face painting activities, Häagen-Dazs or Walls ice cream (first 200 customers, with any purchase), Mr. Softee (100 cups a day), discounts and chances to win rewards.

The two-day carnival-inspired celebration will also have live music performed by local singer-busker Jeff Ng.

While you're here, check out some of the new ready-to-eat meals and snacks at 7-Eleven: