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7-Eleven Singapore Has Launched New Korean-Inspired Ready-to-Eat Meals & Limited-Time Banana Milk

7-Eleven Singapore Has Launched New Korean-Inspired Ready-to-Eat Meals & Limited-Time Banana Milk

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By Karmen on 06 Apr 2022
Digital Editor

If you ever need to satiate your hunger pangs asap and have a craving for Korean food, pop by the nearest 7-Eleven as they now have a new range of Korean-inspired ready-to-eat meals under $6.


Keep reading to check them out!

7-SELECT Samgyetang ($5.50)

7-Eleven 7-Select Samgyetang korean ginseng chicken soupPhoto from 7-Eleven

This hearty Korean ginseng chicken soup has tender pieces of chicken thigh boiled in a tasty broth containing sticky rice, jujube, American ginseng, served with a side of short-grain rice.

7-SELECT Gilgeori Toast ($3.60)

7-Eleven 7-Select Gilgeori Toast Sandwich korean street toastPhoto from 7-Eleven

7-Eleven's take on the classic Korean street food staple has onion, omelette, picnic ham, shredded cabbage and carrots with BBQ sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup sandwiched between toasted bread. This quick snack also contains no added preservatives!


7-SELECT Yangnyeom Chicken Wrap ($3.60)

7-Eleven 7-Select Yangnyeom Chicken WrapPhoto from 7-Eleven

This tortilla wrap is filled with crisp, lightly fried chicken tossed in sweet and slightly spicy Yangnyeom sauce and shredded purple cabbage in a soft steamed tortilla.

7-SELECT Chicken Bulgogi Onigiri ($2)

7-Eleven 7-Select Chicken Bulgogi OnigiriPhoto from 7-Eleven

This onigiri packs a punch with a fusion of bold flavours from the marinated roasted chicken, authentic gochujang sauce from Korea, chilli flakes and mayonnaise.

Banana Milk Beverages

7-Eleven is launching a limited-edition series of 7CAFÉ banana milk flavoured beverages to complement the Korean ready-to-eat food. Try the classic 7CAFÉ Iced Banana Milk ($3.20) or the milky 7CAFÉ Banana Latte, available hot ($2.70) or iced ($3.50).


7-Eleven is also bringing back three Korean-inspired favourites:

7-SELECT Kimchi Jiggae ($5.20)

7-Eleven 7-Select Kimchi JiggaePhoto from 7-Eleven

This Korean stew has a fiery kick and features kimchi and tofu in a chicken broth. Made using gochujang sauce from Korea, this bowl has the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy.

7-SELECT Korean Jajangmyeon ($4.20)

7-Eleven 7-Select Korean JajangmyeonPhoto from 7-Eleven

If you're in the mood for simple, comfort, go for this bowl of firm yet tender fresh egg noodles topped with chunjang sauce – a black bean sauce imported from Korea – and fragrant spring onions for a salty yet slightly sweet taste.

7-SELECT Korean Spicy Rice Cakes ($3.20)

7-Eleven 7-Select Spicy Korean Rice CakesPhoto from 7-Eleven

This classic Korean dish is made with gochujang sauce and rice cakes sourced from Korea.

Look out for the Korean menu promotions running from now till 24 May!

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