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New Retro-Style 7-Eleven & Coca-Cola Store In Singapore Is An Instagrammer's Dream

New Retro-Style 7-Eleven & Coca-Cola Store In Singapore Is An Instagrammer's Dream

By Karmen on 17 Sep 2020
Digital Editor

We've been looking on in envy at the Hello Kitty-themed and Snoopy-themed 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan, but now we have one new themed store here in Singapore filled with photo opportunities!

7-Eleven has teamed up with beverage brand Coca-Cola for the first ever crossover store in Singapore opening today.

Keep reading to find out more! 

Located at the House of Eden at Raffles Place, the two-storey store is decked out in Coca-Cola's signature shade of red. Inviting you inside at the storefront is a giant Coca-Cola display, vintage crates of Coca-Cola bottles and a cooler.

7-Eleven Singapore coca-cola store front entrancePhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

The first level of the store is the retail area where you can get the usual grab-and-go essentials like snacks, drinks and ready-to-eat meals.

7-Eleven Singapore coca-cola store stairsPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

To get to the second floor, you'll walk through a Coca-Cola branded staircase with LED lighting. On this floor is the 7-Eleven x Coca-Cola Pit-Stop with a seating area and plenty of Instagrammable backdrops like polar bear cut-outs, Coca-Cola bottles and a feature wall that nods to all things Singaporean.

7-Eleven Singapore coca-cola store polar bear cut-outPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

7-Eleven Singapore coca-cola store bean bag seating areaPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore


7-Eleven Singapore coca-cola store seating areaPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

There's also a foosball table and claw machines which you can have a go at with tokens when you spend a minimum of S$7 on participating products at the retail area. The claw machine prizes will be updated regularly, and include foldable bikes, picnic tables, beverage tumblers, mini polar bear toys, phone rings and more.

7-Eleven Singapore coca-cola store claw machinesPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

7-Eleven Singapore coca-cola store foosball tablePhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

To ensure a safe environment for customers at the 7-Eleven X Coca-Cola concept store, there will be maximum of 10 people in the store at any one time. Both storeys are officially open starting today!

7-Eleven X Coca-Cola
📍House of Eden, 4 Robinson Road, Singapore 048543
 7am - 11pm daily

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