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The '90s Tinsel “Fairy Hair” Trend Is Taking TikTok By Storm & Where To Get It Done In Singapore

The '90s Tinsel “Fairy Hair” Trend Is Taking TikTok By Storm & Where To Get It Done In Singapore

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By Samantha Ann Francis on 10 Jun 2022
Senior Editor

The Y2K aesthetic is back in a big way and so are the era’s colourful beauty trends. From frosted eyeshadow to glossy lips, the beauty looks of the ‘90s are a major throwback to style icons like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.


If you’re hoping to take your mane game up a notch, why not add a dash of sparkle to your hair with tinsel?

Sparkly tinsel on blonde hairPhoto from Instagram (@walker_ash)

Unlike cute-sy space buns and retro-esque crimped hair, tinsel extensions add shimmery accents without overwhelming your entire look. Best of all, you can keep it subtle with just a couple of strands framing your face or weave plenty throughout your hair if you want to stand out.

Megan Thee Stallion's shiny hair tinselPhoto from Instagram (@theestallion)

The latest hair trend taking TikTok by storm, hair tinsel has also been recently seen on celebrities like Katy Perry and Megan Thee Stallion. If you’re hoping to try it out for yourself, here’s a quick guide.


What are hair tinsels

They’re sparkling silk threads that are temporarily tied to hair in order to add a reflective effect with movement and light. Available in a whole prism of colours—from pastels to bold hues, these tinsels are designed to be a lot sturdier than the sort you find in festive decor. Some can even be styled with heat.

Althea's glitter hair tinselsPhoto from Althea

How they’re attached to the hair

For temporary use, these tinsel extensions come with tiny hair clips that allow you to easily attach them below layers of your own hair and near the roots. If you’re looking to keep them on for a longer period of time, there are various techniques where you can knot your own hair around the tinsel.

There’s also a micro ring method, similar to hair extensions, which involves threading a small section of your hair and up to 20 tinsel strands through a bead. After which, you’ll slide the bead near your roots and secure it down with pliers.

Tinsel hair kitPhoto from Amazon

Where to buy them in Singapore


Hair tinsels are easily available for purchase on online retailers like Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, and Korean brand Althea, where they come in a whole myriad of colours.

Choose from multi-coloured packs to single coloured packs, and even ones that give off a holographic shine. Tinsel hair kits, inclusive of tools, are also available for those who'd like to DIY the look.

Rainbow-coloured hair tinselPhoto from Amazon

Where to find tinsel hair services

Don’t fancy DIY-ing your own “fairy hair?” Head to a salon and let the experts do it. Currently, The Lash Chapter offers this service.

Customers can pick their favourite shade from a book of holographic tinsel colours, before a hairstylist attaches the strands to strong and healthy hair. Available in metallic and rainbow shades, the tinsel strands are heat-resistant and chemical-free, lasting up to two months before eventually loosening and falling out.

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Glit AF, a pop-up hair tinsel brand by local influencer Cleo Kim, also offers hair tinsel services (from S$50) on a by-appointment-only basis. She uses thin and lightweight tinsels to create a natural look on one’s hair. 

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