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Picturesque French Restaurant L'Angélus Introduces 11 New Dishes & Additions To Their 3-Course $32 Set Lunches

Picturesque French Restaurant L'Angélus Introduces 11 New Dishes & Additions To Their 3-Course $32 Set Lunches

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By Karmen on 01 Jun 2022
Digital Editor

Couples who have Googled romantic restaurants in Singapore for dates would have likely come across the lovely French restaurant L'Angélus.


Established way back in 1998, L'Angélus is Singapore's oldest single-location traditional French restaurant, known for classic French cuisine and an extensive wine list of unique and predominantly French wine selection. Reminiscent of bistros tucked away in the corners of Paris, the setting and décor of L'Angélus evoke a Parisian atmosphere and cosy ambience that's undeniably romantic.

L'Angélus Restaurant InteriorPhoto from L'Angélus

L'Angélus Restaurant InteriorPhoto from L'Angélus

The restaurant has refreshed their menu with new dishes as well as more options for the popular $32 lunch set menu.

New Additions To The L'Angélus Lunch Set Menu

Courgettes Grillées - L'Angélus lunch set menuPhoto from L'Angélus

There are three new options joining the 3-course Lunch Set Menu ($32) this May, including an Entrée, one Plat and a Dessert.


A vegetarian option is the Courgettes Grillées has grilled zucchini slices served with eggplant purée and eggs and sun-dried tomato dressing. For the mains, the new addition is the Filet de bar Poêle which has a pan-seared barramundi with braised savoy cabbage and bacon, topped with a moreish sauce Velouté.

New on the dessert list is the Mille-feuille crémeux au café consisting of layers of Baileys-infused coffee mousse and Chantilly cream, along with vanilla ice cream.

Mille-feuille crémeux au café - L'Angélus lunch set menuPhoto from L'Angélus

The lunch set menu is available from Monday to Friday, between 12 to 2pm, excluding public holiday eves, public holidays, and special occasions.

New Dishes At L'Angélus

Diners can also look forward to the line-up of new dishes in their grand menu.

On the entrées section is the lovely Oeufs Meurettes ($24), comfort food done right with poached eggs, earthy wild mushrooms from France, cubed bacon and home-made croutons. The main star of this dish is the delicious home-made red wine reduction that's prepared by cooking beef jus, tendons and stock for a day.

Oeufs Meurettes - L'AngélusPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


Another starter for sharing is the Ventrèche en Tartare ($34), a classic dish at traditional brasseries and bistros that's given a twist. Here, Japanese blue fin tuna belly tartare is used instead. The rich and fatty tartare is complemented seaweed, home-made seaweed mayo and shallots, and served with paper-thin bread chips baked with extra virgin olive oil.

Ventrèche en Tartare - L'AngélusPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Meat lovers will relish the Pluma Ibérique ($45), a beautifully plated dish with 200 grams of Iberico pork that has a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. It's well-seasoned with a savoury shio koji and accompanied with a creamy pork jus & wine sauce as well as green apple purée.

Pluma Ibérique - L'AngélusPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

A standout dish is the Calamars Farcis ($42) that features approximately 300g of locally wild-caught squid, stuffed with couscous infused with preserved lemon, ham and zucchini. The stuffed squid is then pan-roasted with butter and topped with a vibrant Italian-style Romesco sauce and premium ikura.

Calamars Farcis - L'AngélusPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Calamars Farcis cross section - L'AngélusPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you're stuck on what to order, go for the La Légine ($52). The highlight of our meal, this dish has a tender Patagonian Toothfish glazed with miso and a sake-mirin reduction and served in a decadent French butter sauce. It's complete with crunchy bites from the feuille de brik (wheat pastry) and poached golden French beetroot seasoned with cinnamon, salt and white wine.

La Légine - L'AngélusPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another one that'll be a universal hit is the Bœuf Bourguignon ($132, 800g) comprising fall-off-the-bone Wagyu short ribs in a full-bodied broth. The beef is marinated overnight with reduced red wine, pan-seared, then braised bone-in with tomato paste and stock for five hours.

Bœuf Bourguignon - L'AngélusPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Other new savoury dishes include the Yugo Wagyu MS7 ($92, 200g), an award-winning Australian full-blood ribeye, Risotto de Pouple ($40) with Spanish Cantabria octopus leg and chorizo bellota, and Brillat-Savarin Salad ($22) with Brillat-Savarin French triple-cream cheese.

Address: 85 Club Street, S069453
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 12 - 2:30pm, 6 - 10:30pm; Sat: 6 - 10:30pm; Closed on Sundays.
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