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There's A New Cheat Code At Yakiniku Like That Will Get You Free Gifts

There's A New Cheat Code At Yakiniku Like That Will Get You Free Gifts

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By Karmen on 03 Mar 2022
Digital Editor

Yakinku Like needs no introduction! You've probably spotted and/or joined in one of their never-ending queues for their quality meat and delicious sauces that come with an affordable price tag.


The casual BBQ chain from Japan has just turned two years old in Singapore and to celebrate their anniversary, they're launching a new menu item as well as free gifts with a secret code.

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Alluding to Yakiniku Like's 2nd anniversary, the cheat code is "I'm a two year-old." Bite your lip (or nominate an unreserved friend) and say this to one of the staff and you will receive a cute Yakiniku Like pop socket, while stocks last.

Free Yakiniku Like pop socketsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

It comes in two designs: one featuring their bespectacled cow mascot and another with their logo.

Yakiniku Like - Like!! Pop SocketsPhoto from Yakiniku Like

Besides these freebies, Yakiniku Like has also launched Hokkaido Snow Pork (A la carte: $15.80, set: $17.80) which will be available only till 30 April.


Known as the 'pork of dreams', this well-marbled pork has a tender texture and delicate sweetness, and is high in protein, collagen, vitamin B1 and oleic acid levels.

Yakiniku Like Hokkaido Snow PorkPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The platter comes with three cuts of Hokkaido pork: collar, belly and tontoro (jowl).

Yakiniku Like Hokkaido Snow Pork - tontoroPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you prefer to skip the queue and enjoy your BBQ as a convenient bento at home, you can also get the Hokkaido Snow Pork for takeaway and delivery.

Yakiniku Like Hokkaido Snow Pork Platter in takeaway bento boxPhoto from Yakiniku Like

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