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New Taiwanese Street Food-Inspired Baked Goodies At BreadTalk Singapore

New Taiwanese Street Food-Inspired Baked Goodies At BreadTalk Singapore

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By Karmen on 21 Feb 2022
Digital Editor
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It's been too long since we've had the chance to indulge in street food overseas. If you're craving Taiwanese fare in particular, there's some good news, BreadTalk has launched a new The Taiwan Taste collection inspired by street food and comfort dishes of Taiwan.


Keep reading to check out the collection!

Peanut Mochichi ($2.20)

BreadTalk The Taiwan Taste Peanut MochichiPhoto from BreadTalk

Inspired by the peanut ice cream roll, this sweet bun features different textures and layers with peanut crisp made from caramelised sugar and peanuts. An added modern twist is the soft mochi which gives it a satisfying pull!

Pepper Bun ($1.80)

BreadTalk The Taiwan Taste Pepper Bun cross sectionPhoto from BreadTalk

Pepper buns, one of the most coveted Taiwanese street foods, now has a BreadTalk version. The crisp sesame bun is stuffed with a generous amount of minced pork and yellow onions that have an aromatic white and black pepper flavour.


Sesame Chicky ($2.20)

BreadTalk The Taiwan Taste Sesame ChickyPhoto from BreadTalk

This bun is packed with all the flavours of the classic Taiwanese comfort dish, sesame oil chicken. It's filled with fragrant sauteed chicken seasoned with rice wine and topped with sweet wolfberries, melted gouda and mozzarella.

Hello Pollo ($2)

BreadTalk The Taiwan Taste Danish BoluoPhoto from BreadTalk

This Danish pastry and pineapple bolo bun hybrid is all the rage in bakeries in Taiwan. BreadTalk's rendition features a crunchy pastry crust that resembles the ridges of a pineapple, with a thick, rich and buttery milk filling.

Luo Song ($1.90)

BreadTalk The Taiwan Taste Luo SongPhoto from BreadTalk


Said to have originated in Russia, this bread was adapted by the Taiwanese and renamed as Luo Song Bread, a buttery bread that's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Tropical Mango Roll ($24, $5.80 for a slice)

BreadTalk The Taiwan Taste Tropical Mango RollPhoto from BreadTalk

This refreshing dessert has a fluffy vanilla chiffon enveloping a mango-infused panna cotta, along with mango pineapple coulis and Chantilly cream. It's topped with cheese sauce, dried pineapples and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Mango Vanilla Pudding ($3.60)

BreadTalk The Taiwan Taste Mango Vanilla Panna CottaPhoto from BreadTalk

This cute dessert jar has mango and vanilla panna cotta with tangy & sweet mango sauce.

BreadTalk's The Taiwan Taste collection will be available till 17 April 2022 at all BreadTalk and Bread Society outlets (except Marina Bay Link Mall, Resorts World Sentosa, Raffles City, 313 Somerset & Centrepoint), and online on GrabFood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo and

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