6 New Bubble Tea Launches In Singapore: Strawberry Milk Mochi, Free Watermelon Float, Pink Rabbit Jelly

6 New Bubble Tea Launches In Singapore: Strawberry Milk Mochi, Free Watermelon Float, Pink Rabbit Jelly

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By Karmen on 02 Mar 2022
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Earlier this year, bubble tea lovers were treated with new creative renditions of it including CNY-themed one and Famous Amos-infused drinks.

Now, they've made way for the next line-up of bubble teas including cute watermelon drinks with free gifts and a new bubble tea brand from Hong Kong.

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 LiHO 'Crazy Rich Amla'

LiHO Crazy Rich Amla bubble teasPhoto from LiHO

Putting a pun on the Crazy Rich Asians film, LiHO's new 'Crazy Rich Amla' drinks are rich not in dollars cents but in health.

The line-up includes three drinks (M: $4.90) that are made with amla, a superfruit that's packed with antioxidants like vitamins C and A, and soluble fibre. Apparently, drinking them can help promote immune function and detoxify the body.

Crazy Amla Green Tea has the mildest taste of the three, with just a hint of tanginess making it a lovely thirst-quenching drink. Crazy Starlight Amla Green Tea has more natural sweetness while Crazy Green Apple Amla Jing Syuan, our favourite of the three, has a delicious apple flavour enhanced with the tart amla. We recommend choosing less or no sugar so you can get a stronger taste of the amla!

#2 HEYTEA Very Tangerine Blast

HEYTEA Very Tangerine BlastPhoto from HEYTEA

Citrus lovers will probably get addicted to HEYTEA's in-season Very Tangerine Blast ($7.50). The sweet and tangy mandarin pairs so well with the green tea, and every sip comes with delightful textures from the generous chunks of pulp, osmanthus pudding and bobo pops.

Go for the regular sugar level if you like sweet drinks, or the lower sugar level or sugarless if you prefer a sour kick.

#3 Gong Cha Watermelon Series

Gong Cha Watermelon SeriesPhoto from Gong Cha

Gong Cha is launching one of their most photo-worthy bubble teas yet - the watermelon series drinks!

It consists of two drinks, Watermelon Smash ($5.50) and Watermelon Smash with Milk ($5.80), which both have an adorable watermelon aesthetic with a green and red colour scheme with pops of black "seeds" from the pearls.

Something exciting about this series is that every cup comes with a free mini Gong Cha watermelon float, while stocks last.


#4 Cupfy

Cupfy bubble tea in SingaporePhoto from Cupfy

Cupfy, Hong Kong's specialty oolong tea brand, is now in Singapore and available via Grabfood. It's known for oolong-based beverages that are suitable for sugar-conscious customers.

From 2 to 16 March 2022, Cupfy is running a special 1-for-1 launch promotion where customers can try a new flavour for free when they order one of the five Cupfy fan favourites including

  • Cupfy Honey Golden Taro Fresh Milk Tea ($6.80)
  • Vanilla Creme Brulee Foam Top with Tie Guan Yin ($7)
  • Oreo & Salted Butter Milk Tea ($7.40)
  • MyMyGiGi - Strawberry Smoothie w Original Foam Top ($7)
  • Arabica Cold Brew Coffee w Vanilla Creme Brulee Foam Top ($7.50)

#5 Xing Fu Tang Taro Series

Xing Fu Tang Taro SeriesPhoto from Xing Fu Tang

If taro is your comfort drink, you'll want to try Xing Fu Tang's three new taro-centric bubble teas. There's the sweet and simple Taro Oolong Tea ($4.70) and two fruit-infused ones, Taro Mango Fresh Milk ($5.50) and Taro Peach Milk Tea ($4.70).

They've also brought back their adorable pink rabbit jelly which you can add on to your drink for $1.

Xing Fu Tang Mango Green Tea with rabbit jellyPhoto from Xing Fu Tang

#6 Tiger Sugar Strawberry Mochi

Tiger Sugar Strawberry Mochi Milk drinksPhoto from Tiger Sugar

Made with fresh strawberries and milk mochi, this drink promptly sold out when it was first launched late last year but is now back at Tiger Sugar outlets at Nex, Northpoint, Paragon, Jurong Point, Bishan and will be rolled out progressively at the rest of the outlets.

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