8 New Bubble Tea Launches In Singapore 2022: Famous Amos, Duck Shit, Uncle Jia Jia & More

8 New Bubble Tea Launches In Singapore 2022: Famous Amos, Duck Shit, Uncle Jia Jia & More

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By Karmen on 15 Jan 2022
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'Tis the season for bubble tea addicts to be jolly! As Chinese New Year approaches, new exciting festive themed bubble teas will inevitably start popping out everywhere. Right on cue, eight bubble tea establishments in Singapore have launched new drinks.

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 HEYTEA Golden Osmanthus Oolong ($7.50)

Golden Osmanthus Oolong with Cheezo at HEYTEA SingaporePhoto from HEYTEA

This aromatic floral and refreshing beverage has a balanced light to medium-bodied signature blend of fragrant oolong tea with rich golden osmanthus.

It also comes in a version with Cheezo topping that has a hint of sweetness and warmth.

#2 Xing Fu Tang Pheonix Pineapple Cheese Tea ($5.60)

Pheonix Pineapple Cheese Tea at Xing Fu Tang SingaporePhoto from Xing Fu Tang

Inspired by the classic CNY snack, pineapple tarts, this festive drink is made with fresh milk and pineapple puree, finished with an abundant serving of cream cheese and biscuit crumbs.

#3 Gong Cha x Famous Amos Cookies Earl Grey - Hazelnut Milk Tea ($7.80)

Gong Cha x Famous Amos Cookies Earl Grey hazelnut milk teaPhoto from Gong Cha

This is the crossover we never expected or knew we needed. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies by Famous Amos sit on top of Gong Cha's signature Earl Grey milk tea infused with Valrhona premium hazelnut praline.

#4 CHICHA San Chen Ong Lai Tart series ($6.50)

Ong Lai Tart series drinks at CHICHA San Chen SingaporePhoto from CHICHA San Chen

New on the menu are three pineapple-centric bubble teas: Pineapple Tea with Honey, Pineapple Juice with Mousse and Cookie Crumble, and High. Mountain Pouchong Tea with Pineapple Juice and Cream.

#5 Milksha Ruhuna Tea Latte ($3.80)


Ruhuna tea latte at Milksha SingaporePhoto from Milksha

Made with tea leaves sourced directly from Sri Lanka, this Ruhuna tea latte is a strong and full-flavoured black tea with distinct caramel notes.

#6 The Whale Tea Coconut Series ($4.40 - $5.90)

The Whale Tea Coconut ShakesPhoto from The Whale Tea

This one's for coconut lovers! There's a sweet and simple Coconut Shake as well as three with additional flavours: Avocado, Mango and Oreo.

#7 LiHo Duck Shit Tea ($2.90 - $5.50)

Lucky Duck Shit Tea at LiHO SingaporePhoto from LiHO

Non-Chinese speakers would've done a double take at that header. Contrary to its name, this new drink series does not have anything to do with excrement. 'Duck Shit Fragrance' is a direct translation of 鴨屎香 (yā shǐ xiāng), a fragrant oolong tea with floral and musky notes. There are three variations to choose from: Just Duck Shit, Duck Shit Snow Mountain and Duck Shit Grapefruit Tea.

#8 Playmade by 丸作 Jiajia Boba Tea ($1.20 - $5.80)

Playmade Jiajia bubble teaPhoto from Playmade by 丸作

The nostalgic flavour of Uncle JiaJia liang teh has now taken the form of bubble tea! Both the Jiajia Milk Tea and Jiajia Boba have a refreshing combination of rich milky flavour and herbal goodness.

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