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Local Japanese Confectionery Sells Artisanal Wagashi That Are Shaped Like Cute Animals, Flowers And More

Local Japanese Confectionery Sells Artisanal Wagashi That Are Shaped Like Cute Animals, Flowers And More

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By Jean on 27 Jan 2022
Digital Editor

One of the many things we miss about Japan, apart from the breathtaking scenery and attractions, is treating ourselves to traditional Japanese confection. While travelling to the land of the rising sun might still be out of reach, we've found a local business - Love For Wagashi -  that can bring a little piece of Japan to you through their artisanal wagashi.


Read on to find out more about Love For Wagashi in Singapore!

First opened in March 2021, Love For Wagashi is helmed by a Singaporean who handcrafts nerikiri, a type of traditional Japanese wagashi that's made with sweetened white bean paste and glutinous rice flour. It is best enjoyed at room temperature with a cup of warm, unsweetened Japanese or Chinese tea. Here's a closer look at what they offer.

Winter Edition Omakase Set ($26/box of 4, $39/box of 6)

Love For Wagashi_Winter Edition Omakase Set (Boxes of 4 or 6)Photo from Love For Wagashi

You can get the Winter Edition Omakase Set in boxes of 4 or 6. Each nerikiri is intricately shaped and sculpted, with designs that pay homage to Japanese winter elements such as winter scenes, flora, fauna, and foliage.

Love For Wagashi_Winter Edition Omakase Set featuring rabbits and snowflakePhoto from Love For Wagashi

  • Winter Edition (Box of 4) contains: 1 Original, Yuzu, Matcha, & Azuki filling
  • Winter Edition (Box of 6) contains: 1 Original, Yuzu, Matcha, Sakura & 2 Azuki filling

Apart from nerikiri, Love For Wagashi also sells Strawberry Daifuku ($24 for a box of 4) where customers can choose from 4 different fillings – White Bean Paste, Azuki Bean Paste, Matcha, Valrhona Chocolate.

Love For Wagashi_Strawberry Daifuku (Box of 4)Photo from Love For Wagashi

All wagashi are made-to-order and there's even an option for a complimentary card with a handwritten message if you're planning on gifting these sweet treats.

Love For Wagashi
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