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We Tried The New KFC X Lay's BBQ Crunch Chicken In Singapore: Crunchy Potato Chips As Part Of Its Crust

We Tried The New KFC X Lay's BBQ Crunch Chicken In Singapore: Crunchy Potato Chips As Part Of Its Crust

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By Karmen on 24 Nov 2021
Digital Editor

KFC has made an unlikely collaboration with Lay's to launch what might be the crunchiest fried chicken ever.


Keep reading to check out our review of the new KFC x Lay's BBQ Crunch Chicken!

Launching today, 24 November, in Singapore, the new BBQ Crunch Chicken is the lovechild of two guilty pleasures: KFC's fried chicken and Lay's potato chips.

The first thought when I heard about this was: can't I just DIY this by putting potato chips on top of fried chicken? But this idea was swiftly shut down after taking a closer look at the chicken. Rather than having potato chips sprinkled on top, the flour breading and bits of potato chips are infused together to make up the chicken's fried crust.

Alas, the chicken crust didn't have the defined look of potato chips like in the promotional photos, but I suppose the taste is what really counts!

KFC x Lay's BBQ Crunch ChickenPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There was a distinct whiff of BBQ-flavoured potato chips right when the box was opened. Biting into it created a satisfyingly audible crunch, followed by a hit of smoky and salty barbecue flavour that was mildly spicy. The texture was noticeably crispier than KFC's usual chicken and would probably be even more so if eaten fresh at the restaurant.

The chicken was coated with a powdery BBQ flavouring that tasted exactly like the ones on potato chips, so munching on this fried chicken felt like eating both these foods at the same time - unusual, but in a good way!

KFC x Lay's BBQ Crunch Chicken 2pc box with hot & crispy tendersPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The KFC BBQ Crunch Chicken will be available at all restaurants except Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Polytechnic, and Singapore Zoo for a limited time, while stocks last. Try it a la carte at $3.65 each or as a meal starting from $8.95 for a 2pcs Meal.

In other news, the beloved Marshmallow Chocolate Hazelnut Egg Tart has made a comeback! It has a whole marshmallow plopped on top of the chocolate hazelnut egg tart, with a sprinkle of cocoa dusting. Enjoy these treats at $1.60 per piece or $6 for four pieces.

KFC Marshmallow Chocolate Hazelnut Egg TartPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

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