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14 Lotus Biscoff Desserts & Snacks In Singapore: Cheesecake, Croissant, Bomboloni & More

14 Lotus Biscoff Desserts & Snacks In Singapore: Cheesecake, Croissant, Bomboloni & More

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By Karmen on 23 Nov 2021
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What is it about Lotus Biscoff-flavoured food? The biscuits themselves, while delicious, don't elicit any particular fervour, but fuse them with anything else and it becomes a coveted, atas-sounding treat.


If you feel the same excitement for biscoff-anything, keep reading to check out 14 Lotus Biscoff desserts and snacks in Singapore!

#1 Cakes Etcetera Biscoff Cheesecake

Cakes Etcetera whole biscoff cheesecakePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Cakes Etcetera is a home-based bakery that offers every kind of baked goods under the sun from cakes and muffins to scones and choux pastries. Their bestselling item that's trending on Instagram is the Lotus Cookies Cheese Cake ($49 for 6-inch, $68 for 8-inch) and it certainly lives up to the hype.

With alternating layers of moist sponge cake and cream cheese mixed with biscoff crumbs, it's a surprisingly lightweight and fluffy cake that's packed with cheesey and biscoff flavours at the same time. There's also a lovely crunchy texture in every bite, plus fun little tubes of biscoff sauce to drizzle on the cake.

Cakes Etcetera biscoff cheesecake slicePhoto from @fatpigdiary via Instagram

Cakes Etcetera is currently having a free delivery promotion with a minimum spend of $49. You can make an order through Instagram DM


#2 Nasty Cookie Biscoff Cheesecake Tart

Nasty Cookie Biscoff Tart and lattePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

A new addition to Nasty Cookie's menu, the Biscoff Cheesecake Tart ($6.80) has a thin, crumbly crust filled with rich biscoff cream cheese and dulce de leche, topped with biscoff crumbs. The cheesy flavour takes centre stage, with the caramelised cookie flavour as a light oomph that's almost like an aftertaste. Other tart flavours are 'Snickers' and Choco Bueno.

On a related note, Nasty Cookie has also launched new drinks including the Biscoff Latte ($6). A must-try for coffee lovers, this beverage is made with a rich, full-bodied milk and biscoff cream.

#3 Tenft Biscoff Mochi Youtiao

Tenft you tiao with mua chee biscoff at Eatbox RochorPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Located at the permanent Eatbox food hall at Rochor, Tenft offers drinks and light snacks like you tiao. Their You Tiao with Mua Chee & Biscoff ($6.90) has the best of all worlds -crispiness, chewiness, caramelised sweetness and a bit of crunch.

Check out more food worth trying at Eatbox Tekka Place here.


#4 Gram Café & Pancakes Biscoff Soufflé Pancakes

gram cafe waterway point lotus biscoff souffle pancakePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Gram's soft and airy soufflé pancakes are sublime with just butter and whipped cream, but also work as the perfect canvas for the sweet Lotus Biscoff.

Their Lotus Biscoff Premium Pancakes ($18.90) are doused with a rich Lotus Biscoff sauce, biscoff crumbles for some crunch, whipped cream, and strawberries and blueberries which provide some tangy bites between the sweetness.

Check out our full review of Gram Café & Pancake's new menu items here.

#5 Nasty Cookie Biscoff Cookie

Nasty Cookie Biscoff CookiesPhoto from Nasty Cookie

Nasty Cookie's Biscoff Cookie ($4.90) is one of those sinful snacks that you offer to share at first, and then regret that decision right after. These massive cookies have a fragrant, chewy texture with a gooey dulce de leche centre - totally worth the calories.


#6 Udders Biscoff Ice Cream

Udders Salted Speculoos ice creamPhoto from Udders

Udders' Biscoff Ice Cream has everything you'd ask for in an ice cream - a rich, multi-dimensional flavour and a smooth, creamy texture. There's a bit of everything, sweetness, saltiness and a buttery aroma, mixed with crunchy biscuits.

Get it here -> for $12.90.

P.S. Lotus Biscoff also has their own brand of limited edition ice cream sticks.

#7 yùng yùng Biscoff Yaowarat bun

yùng yùng biscoff yaowarat bunPhoto from @feedmethatnow via Instagram

yùng yùng, a Thai bubble tea store at Bishan, started selling yaowarat bread recently and these gram-worthy buns have been taking the limelight from their main specialty.


Their buttered buns are lightly toasted for a crispy bite followed by soft chewiness. Fillings are generous and biscoff lovers have two flavours to try: Lotus Biscoff ($3) and Bis-Choco ($3.20).

yùng yùng yaowarat buns with biscoff and chocolate fillingPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

#8 Whiskdom Speculoos Delight Brownie

Whiskdom Speculoos Delight browniePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Whiskdom knows how to do a mean brownie. They're wonderfully moist and rich without being cloying. The Speculoos Delight brownie is an elevated version with a little deep caramel sweetness complementing the dark chocolate flavour.

#9 Soul Shiok Biscoff Lady fingers

Soul Shiok biscoff fingersPhoto from Soul Shiok

Soul Shiok's specialty is otah buns but they've also branched out into snacks like finger biscuits. New on the menu is the Biscoff Fingers ($22), a crunchy snack made of biscuits coated with biscoff spread, biscoff crumble and oats.


#10 CROLO Biscoff Croissant

CROLO Lotus Biscoff CroissantPhoto from CROLO

Opened by local bakery Swee Heng, CROLO is a croissant and croffle speciality store at Northpoint City that's known for creative fusion flavours like mentaiko and yakitori. A new addition to their menu is the Biscoff Croissant, a buttery croissant with biscoff cream and a biscuit.

#11 The Bakehaus Speculoos Cruffin

The Bakehaus biscoff cruffinPhoto from The Bakehaus

A relatively new bakery located along Owen Road, The Bakehaus prides itself in artisanal, natural bakes like sourdough bread that are free of preservatives. Besides the basics, they also offer creative items from the Guava Passionfruit Danish to trendy pastries like Speculoos Cruffins.

#12 Fun Buns Biscoff Buns

Fun Buns biscoff cinnamon rollsPhoto from Fun Buns


Home-based bakery @bakingfunbuns is best known for their classic cinnamon buns but also do a number of other flavours including Biscoff. These buns ($12 for 3, $21 for 6) are generously coated with biscoff sauce and topped with a biscuit. They offer islandwide delivery at a flat rate of $10.

#13 Swish Rolls Caramel Biscoff Swiss rolls

Swish Rolls caramel biscoff rollPhoto from Swish Rolls

Located right outside Botanic Gardens at Cluny Court, Swish Rolls is a new patisserie that specialises in Swiss rolls including one for biscoff lovers - Caramel Biscoff. This dessert has  sea salt caramel, fresh cream and biscoff crumbs wrapped in vanilla sponge cake.

#14 Doughnut Shack Biscoff Doughnuts & Bomboloni

Doughnut Shack biscoff doughnutsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Formerly located at an ulu location at Whampoa Drive, Doughnut Shack has hearty doughnuts and bomboloni in a wide variety of flavours and at affordable prices. Lightly fried with a slightly chewy texture, these fried guilty pleasures are incredibly satisfying but don't leave a greasy feeling.

Besides their Speculoos doughnuts and bombononi, other flavours worth a try are Pistachio Ganache and Dark Chocolate Ganache.

Doughnut Shack biscoff bomboloniPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

They're currently taking a break and will be back at a new location.

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