Popular Taiwanese Bubble Tea Store 'Dont Yell At Me' Opens Minimalist Cafe In Singapore

Popular Taiwanese Bubble Tea Store 'Dont Yell At Me' Opens Minimalist Cafe In Singapore

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By Karmen on 27 Oct 2021
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Bubble tea fanatics, there's a new cafe in town to add to your weekend plans: Dont Yell At Me (不要对我尖叫。日常茶间). The popular bubble tea chain from Taiwan is opening its first cafe in Singapore with a stylish look and hand-shaken drinks.

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Co-founded by Taiwanese variety show personality, Yako Chan (丫头), Dont Yell At Me's quirky name was inspired by people caught in modern day stresses who want to release all that negativity by silently screaming "Don't Yell At Me!"

yako chan at Dont Yell At Me cafePhoto from Dont Yell At Me

Ambience at Dont Yell At Me

Opening on 29 October 2021 at Orchard Central, the first Dont Yell At Me cafe in Singapore will feature a minimalist concept with a monochrome colour palette.

Dont Yell At Me Singapore Orchard CentralPhoto from Dont Yell At Me

The 40-seater café's clean and almost empty look was designed as an empty canvas for diners to clear their minds and ideally, fill it with happy thoughts thanks to their beverages.

Dont Yell At Me Singapore - Orchard Central cafe seating areaPhoto from Dont Yell At Me

Beverages at Dont Yell At Me

The cafe will offer a wide range of low-calorie beverages made with key ingredients specially flown in from Taiwan, including Jasmine Tea Leaves, Four Seasons Green Tea Leaves and Oolong Tea Leaves.

For something classic, Old Master Formula (老茶莊) beverages like Roselle Honey Chrysanthemum Tea and Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea.

Winter Melon Chrysanthemum Tea 冬瓜菊花 dont yell at me bubble tea cafe singapore orchard centralPhoto from Dont Yell At Me


The Instagrammable cups feature their peculiar mascot of a person looking rather rough, as well as relatable quotes in traditional Chinese.

Roselle Honey Chrysanthemum Tea 洛神蜂蜜菊花 at Dont Yell At Me bubble tea cafe singaporePhoto from Dont Yell At Me

If you love your milk drinks, go for their artisanal Au Laits (歐蕾) made with osmanthus flower and a fresh milk base. Try the Tiramisu Thé Au Lait, a tiramisu cake in drink form, or the lightly floral-scented Cherry Blossom Thé Au Lait, a Singapore-exclusive beverage.

Dont Yell At Me Tiramisu Café Au Lait 提拉米蘇歐蕾 \\Photo from Dont Yell At Me

There are also Fibre Fruit Teas and Sparkling Water drinks which are infused with fresh fruits and fruit extracts.

Drinks can be customised with add-on toppings like Honey Jade Pearls, Brown Sugar Pearls, Coconut Jelly, Cheese Cream Top and the very Taiwanese Sweet Potato & Taro Pearls which might spark some memories of your holiday there.

If you're craving sweet treats to go with your drinks, there are a selection of bites including the Sea Salt Dark Fudge Brownie and French Butter Almond Cake.

Dont Yell At Me
Address: Orchard Central #02-24/#02-12A, 181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: 11am to 10pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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