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8 Important Takeaways To Gain From Netflix's Squid Game Series

8 Important Takeaways To Gain From Netflix's Squid Game Series

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By Jean on 03 Oct 2021
Digital Editor

Squid Game has officially became the first show to top Netflix's daily charts in all 83 countries where the series streams. The 9-part series centers around 456 cash-strapped players who compete in children's games for an ultimate prize of $45.6 billion won (~SGD$52 million).


Here are 8 important takeaways from Netflix's latest Korean thriller.

Read on to find out about the important takeaways from Squid Game. Spoiler alert!

#1 Second chances don't come by easily, treasure them

player 001 aka the old man in squid game deciding if he should stop the gamePhoto from Netflix

player 001 aka the old man in Squid Game stops the gamePhoto from Netflix

In the first episode, the old man AKA player 001 (who was later revealed to be the mastermind of Squid Game) had voted to stop the game, giving the players a second chance to return to their old lives. However, most players chose to return despite knowing that the penalty of losing the game is death.

#2 The kindness you show others creates a ripple effect


Ali saving Gi Hun in Squid Game's Red light green light gamePhoto from Netflix

Gi Hun recruiting Ali as his team mate in Squid GamePhoto from Netflix

During the game of "Red Light Green Light", Ali, the Pakistani worker saved Gi Hun AKA player 456 from elimination out of the kindess of his heart. To his surprise, Gi Hun returned the favour by recruiting Ali to his team before he was eliminated in the 6th episode by Sang Woo AKA player 218.

Ali's simple act of kindness encouraged Gi Hun to pay-it-forward – such as using the prize money to provide for Sae Byeok's brother and Sang Woo's mother after both players died in the game.

This brings us to our next point.

#3 Choosing whom to trust is important

Sang woo begging Ali to trust him in Squid GamePhoto from Netflix

Ali realised that Sang Woo had tricked him by filling his bag with pebbles in Squid gamePhoto from Netflix


Throughout the series, Ali looked up to Sang Woo as an older brother and trusted him wholeheartedly. Episode 6 was especially heart-wrenching as neither Ali nor the fans had expected Sang Woo's betrayal. While we staunchly believe that it pays to be kind, do also remember to guard your hearts and chose whom you can trust.

#4 Dare to take unconventional approaches to problems

Mi Nyeo using a lighter to heat the needle in Squid Game's Dalgona Candy challenge Photo from Netflix

Gi Hun licking his candy in Squid Game's Dalgona Candy ChallengePhoto from Netflix

While most of the players attempted the Honeycomb game by carving out their respective shapes with a needle, two players – Mi Nyeo AKA player 212 and Gi Hun, tackled the challenge with unorthodox methods, which led to their victory.

We often approach daily challenges with conventional methods or those that have been "tried and tested". Why not try thinking outside the box the next time you encounter an issue? The results might just surprise you!

#5 The brain sometimes triumphs over brawns

Player 001 telling his team that a good strategy is needed to win a game of tug of warPhoto from Netflix


Player 001 telling his team that a good strategy is needed to win a game of tug of war eg, leaning back Photo from Netflix

Gi Hun's team emerged victorious in the game of tug-of-war despite being outmatched by their opponents in terms of physical strength. Similarly in life, having a strategy and good teamwork can lead you to victory even if it seems like the odds are stacked against you.

#6 Being an outcast isn't necessarily a bad thing

Mi Nyeo wasn't eliminated despite not having a partner for the game of pebbles in Squid GamePhoto from Netflix

No one would choose to be outcasted if given a choice. However, being an outcast might not necessarily be a bad thing. In the series, Mi Nyeo wasn't elimated despite not having a partner for the game of marbles. It was later explained that the rules state that a player cannot be eliminated if they weren't given a chance to take part in the game.

In reality, being an outcast gives you the opportunity to envision things others wouldn't have thought possible. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example. He was an outcast in college but look where life took him. Don't struggle to fit in, your uniqueness will take you to places you never thought you'd be.

#7 Consult a professional when in doubt

Player 17 could tell the difference between the glass panels in Squid GamePhoto from Netflix


Player 17 from Squid Game used to work as a glass manufacturerPhoto from Netflix

While the Glass Bridge challenge was a game of luck for others, player 17 had a slight advantage as he used to work as a glass manufacturer. By examining the refraction of the light, he was able to differentiate normal glass from tempered glass. In reality, we should not hesitate to seek advice from professionals in our field as more often than not, we can stand to gain from their expertise.

#8 The issue of gender inequality remains prevalent in our society

Sang woo asking Gi hun to gather male players in Squid GamePhoto from Netflix

Deok su asking his men to gather male players for the tug-of-war challenge in squid gamePhoto from Netflix

Gender discrimination, unfortunately remains a prevalent issue in our society. As shown in the series, female players were less sought after during the tug-of-war challenge as the male players wanted to build a team with the "strongest people". Also, there was no woman among the list of VIPs – a deliberate move made by the producers of Squid Game to show the lack of women representation in high societal positions.

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