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"Story Of Yanxi Palace" Actors Xu Kai & Wu Jinyan To Reunite In New Historical Drama

Xu Kai (许凯) and Wu Jinyan (吴谨言) who rose to fame i...

a year ago

Lawrence Wong X Chit Chat With The Stars

In our latest episode of Chit Chat With The Stars, we had a heart to heart talk with

2 years ago

Here's What We Know About "Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures" So Far

Even if you don't really watch dramas, you would have definitely heard of "Story of Yanxi Palace". T...

2 years ago
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'Story Of Yanxi Palace' Has Inspired These GORGEOUS Cakes~! Home Bakers Take A Cue!

With 'Story Of Yanxi' palace being all the rage now, we have seen clothes/fashion inspired by the mo...

3 years ago
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You Can Wear These 'Story Of Yanxi Palace' Inspired Nail Art Too~!

Now that the whole world is talking about 'The Story Of Yanxi Palace', (and it's high time you shoul...

3 years ago
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Here's Why You Should Watch The Story Of Yanxi Palace now!

I only realised how just how out of touch I was (with current affairs?) when my mother and her frien...

3 years ago
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