The Hainan Story: New $19.90/Pax High Tea Set In Singapore Is Available 24/7

The Hainan Story: New $19.90/Pax High Tea Set In Singapore Is Available 24/7

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By Karmen on 16 Sep 2021
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The words 'high tea' scream atas and expensive, but there are plenty of affordable options in Singapore that'll still give you that bougie experience.

A new wallet-friendly afternoon tea that launched this year in Singapore is The Hainan Story's $19.90/pax high tea set. Adding to its appeal is its availability 24 hours a day, every day.

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Keep reading to check out our review of the high tea set!

The Hainan Story Hainanese High Tea Set

When you think Hainanese food, what comes to mind are probably dishes like congee and chicken rice. Hainanese restaurant The Hainan Story has these classic dishes and more plus an unexpected new menu addition, a Hainanese High Tea Set that's reasonably priced at just $19.90 per pax (min. 2 diners).

The Hainan Story Hainanese high tea set on a three tiered stand and two cups of coffee
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The set comes with a three-tiered stand of the best of Hainanese tea time favourites and a choice of Singaporean-style hot beverage like kopi o and teh si. We went with Chinese tea which comes in an Instagrammable, punny cup.

chinese tea in cups with diao yu fishing design at The Hainan Story
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

If you're a true Singaporean, you'll know to say "Diao Yu" (钓鱼, aka fishing) when ordering Chinese tea at a kopitiam as dipping your teabag in a cup resembles fishing. The Hainan Story has taken inspiration from this to serve their Chinese tea in a cute cup with a little fisherman holding a teabag "fishing rod".

The savouries include two pieces of Crispy Prawn Fritters, two pieces of Hainanese Har Chou, and 4 skewers of Hainanese Yuan Yang Satay complete with cucumber, onions, peanut sauce, and pineapple sauce. We found everything in this tier excellent especially when paired with the unique sauce made with honey, lemongrass, chilli and a mix of spices.

hainanese yuan yang satay at at The Hainan Story high tea set singapore
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

On the second tier are two pieces of yibua as well as honey toast cubes. The yibua was pillowy soft with a satisfying chewy texture and was generously stuffed with a sweet mixture of sugar, coconut, ginger and crush roasted peanut. We wished the toast cubes were more buttery and had a more lively toasted flavour but all was forgiven when we dipped them into the sweet honey sauce.

honey toast cube at The Hainan Story high tea set singapore
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

yibua hainanese steamed glutinous rice dumpling at The Hainan Story singapore high tea set
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

End your high tea experience with the top tier which has assorted cookies and two slices of Swiss rolls. The green roll is coconut and pandan flavoured while the pink one is a yam orh nee roll. Instead of a light cream, wrapping around the moist cake layers was a fudge-like cream that was oh-so decadent! The Hainanese Kopi Guyou and Ondeh Ondeh cookies get brownie points for their unique flavours but were dry and crumbly.

pandan and yam swiss roll cakes and biscuits at The Hainan Story high tea set
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

There were some hits and some misses in this high tea set, but overall, it left us satisfied and full. As meat eaters, we wished there was a bigger serving of satay and shrimp, but we really can't complain with the price tag of just $19.90/pax!

This high tea set is also the perfect middle ground for the older and younger generation as some old folks might not be fans of Western food. If you've always wanted to treat your ah ma and ah gong to an afternoon tea but were met with a lukewarm response, perhaps this Chinese-style high tea set is more fitting to their tastes.


This high tea set is also conveniently available 24/7. If you suddenly get hit with high tea cravings in the middle of the night, you know where to go!

Ambience at The Hainan Story

The interior of the restaurant is best described as elevated Hong Kong-style. Vibrant pops of red and green and modern furniture give the space a modern and stylish look that nods to traditional Chinese decor.

interior of The Hainan Story hotel boss restaurant singapore
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Certain spots look like they were designed by and for Instagrammers. One is a seating area with a stunning green wall and another is a photo spot with a Chinese opera-style tiled mural and trippy mirrors.

interior and green wall with neon lights at The Hainan Story hotel boss restaurant
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

insta worthy photo backdrop at at The Hainan Story hotel boss restaurant singapore
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Beary Cute Coconut Dessert - Qing Bu Liang

Recommended to go with the high tea set is qing bu liang, a popular Hainanese summertime dessert. The Hainan Story has hopped on the iced bear trend and gave this iconic dessert a cute makeover. Their Beary Cute Coconut Dessert ($5.90) is a bowl of sweet and cold coconut milk, filled with watermelon, pineapple, raisins, sweet potatoes, peas and jujube, plus a photo-worthy iced bear.

iced bear coconut dessert at The Hainan Story
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Sure to satisfy any coconut lover, this refreshing dessert had a lovely mix of flavours and textures with the fragrant coconut. We found the first few mouthfuls a little too sweet but it gradually became just right as the bear melted away.

From 16 September to 15 October 2021, there will be a 50% off promo for this dessert with every purchase of the Hainanese High Tea Set, limited to two redemptions per set.

Freebies at The Hainan Story

From now till November 2021, you can stand a chance to win a free bag and bracelet worth up to $500. All you have to do is snap a photo of the Hainanese High Tea Set and Beary Cute Coconut Dessert that you've ordered and share their post with your photo describing why you love The Hainan Story and hashtag #thehainanstoryhightea. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, set your profile to public and tag more friends for a higher chance of winning.

free bags and bracelets at at The Hainan Story hotel boss singapore
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The Hainan Story
Address: 500 Jalan Sultan, Hotel Boss, #01-09, Singapore 199020
Opening hours: 24/7
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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