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Viral Korean Colour Sorting Personality Test Reveals Your Hidden Personality & More

Viral Korean Colour Sorting Personality Test Reveals Your Hidden Personality & More

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By Karmen on 18 Sep 2021
Digital Editor

It's a mystery as to why we love personality tests. Perhaps it's a form of consolation, or to reveal something we never noticed about ourselves.


One recent personality test that's going viral is a colour sorting personality test by Korean shopping Instagram account @watch_together_. It's supposedly accurate and gives deep insight into your life and character.

Keep scrolling to take the personality test!

From these seven colours below, pick out four and arrange them in order from 1 to 4. Try not to overthink it and go by your instinct!

colour sorting personality test from koreaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The colours that you choose as well as the order in which you sort them might give insight into your inner self and reveal advice you could heed.

Colour #1: Your Hidden Personality

White: You are a gentle soul and have great empathy towards others. Your loved ones feel a sense of security and protectiveness when they're with you.


Yellow: You have a calm, dependable personality and are less inclined to venture out of your comfort zone. You prefer to execute instructions instead of taking the lead.

Orange: You're most comfortable living a stable life and your best traits are a strong sense of responsibility and honesty.

Green: Waffling is your pet peeve and your style is going straight to the point. You're a rational person and leadership roles come naturally to you.

Blue: First impressions of you may be cold or distant, but under that exterior is a warm-hearted person. You might be slow to warm up to others but always want to feel included.

Purple: You have a charming and cheerful personality. Your interests can become obsessions easily, and you can be fickle.

Red: Your personality is as vibrant and energetic as this colour. You're a creative, optimistic go-getter!

Colour #2: Causes For the Setbacks in Your Life

White: Over dependency on others.


Yellow: Overthinking.

Orange: Prioritising others' interests and ignoring your own.

Green: Procrastination & impatience.

Blue: Being overly eager to please others.

Purple: Lacking the efficiency to execute your overwhelming ideas.

Red: Being too practical.

Colour #3: Your Current Situation & Emotional State

White: Your mood is fairly negative and you're struggling to move on from past failures.


Yellow: There may be challenges and difficulties ahead, but you feel positive that you'll get through everything smoothly.

Orange: Your life is currently pretty stable in all aspects and you're in a happy state.

Green: You have recently lost interest in many things and are becoming impatient.

Blue: You've been feeling down and unmotivated in everything you do.

Purple: There are pressures from different parts of your life which often makes you feel restless.

Red: Recently, you've been faced with many new challenges that you meet head-on with confidence.

Colour #4: Advice

White: Find someone who has the same temperament as you do. They'll help you get past future challenges.


Yellow: Make full use of your adaptability and ability to deal with pressure to tackle anything you encounter.

Orange: Don't be too easily led by your emotions, take control of them instead.

Green: Although it's good to be cautious, try letting loose once in a while and you might discover good surprises.

Blue: When you're limited by your own abilities, tap into the new skills you've picked up.

Purple: Don't keep things to yourself and try to work more harmoniously with others.

Red: Consider taking on the tasks that no one else wants to do, it might help develop your skills in some way.

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