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7 Trendy Snacks, Desserts & Drinks In 2021, Where To Find Them In Singapore

7 Trendy Snacks, Desserts & Drinks In 2021, Where To Find Them In Singapore

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By Karmen on 09 Sep 2021
Digital Editor

Any foodie will look forward to the three main meals of the day, but the in-between snacks are arguably where the real excitement lies. That's when you can indulge in all kinds of sinful treats in small doses and so feel less guilty about it.


Keep reading to check out 7 snacks, desserts and drinks that are trending in Singapore and where to find them!

#1 Soy Milk Drinks with Mochi

Whether its because more people are getting health-conscious, turning vegan or realising their lactose intolerance, the soy milk trend seems to be getting stronger than ever.

An evolution to this trend in Singapore is soy milk drinks topped with creamy soy milk foam and chewy mochi balls.

Hearty singapore soy milk foam bubble tea with mochi balls on stickPhoto from @adibeevince via Instagram

Two new stalls where you can find this gram-worthy concoction is Chinese Tofu Magician at Paya Lebar Square, a popular soy milk specialist from China, and Hearty Singapore 想巷, a Taiwanese bubble tea store at 111 Somerset. The drinks come with a stick of three mochi balls which is meant to be dipped in the foam.

#2 Mochi Bread


Another mochi-centred food trend is soft, QQ buns filled with flavoured mochi - a combination that makes for a satisfying texture and fun, cheese-like pull.

Some cult favourite bakeries that specialise in Taiwanese-style mochi bread are Muyoo and Jo-Yi Bakery.

Jo-Yi Bakery taiwanese mochi breadPhoto from Jo-Yi Bakery

For a healthier version, try the mochi bread from home-based bakery MAMAFANG (from $12/box of 3). Their vegan-friendly bread is made with natural ingredients and no preservatives.

mamafang singapore mochi breadPhoto from @gabemakesfood via Instagram

#3 Yaowarat Buns

Yaowarat buns look and sound pretty similar to the aforementioned mochi buns but they're totally different things. These Thai-style buns are toasted for a crispy crust and soft insides. They're stuffed with oozing fillings from Nutella to pandan which makes them very photogenic.

If the Bangkok-esque Tearuk Dessert Cafe's location at The Grandstand is a little inconvenient for you, check out a hidden gem at Bishan, yùng yùng. This lesser-known bubble tea stall has only recently jumped in on the yaowarat bun bandwagon and has already gained a number of fans.


yung yung yaowarat buns singaporePhoto from @zoey_belle_ via Instagram

#4 Bomboloni

In line with the bread-with-fillings craze, the bombolone trend has been taking off in Singapore this year with one bakery after another bringing out these Italian-style doughnuts with fillings instead of a hole in the middle.

One of the hyped up bomboloni in Singapore is by Burnt Ends Bakery ($24/half a dozen) which also has a reputation for a long waiting list.

Burnt Ends Bakery nutella bomboloniPhoto from Burnt Ends Bakery

#5 Cheese Block-Shaped Cheesecake

A cute cheesecake by a Japanese baker went viral last year for its likeness to a cartoon cheese block. The recipe for it is surprisingly simple, but if you'd rather just have it straight on your plate, there are a few places in Singapore you can find them.

Japanese patisserie KURA has the Yuzu Pineapple Cheese ($9.50) which has an unusual mix of mouse-like cheese and pineapple cream in a chocolate shell.


yuzu pineapple cheese block shaped cake at kura patisserie singaporePhoto from KURA

The sakura-filled Brown Butter cafe and Instagram bakery @on_a_cake are other places to find this novelty cake.

#6 Cruffins

When a croissant and muffin get together, it leads to the birth of a cruffin. But really, a cruffin is basically a croissant that's shaped like a muffin. This makes it light and flaky on the outside and moist on the inside, and not to mention, more Insta-worthy than both its parents combined.

Besides the famous Mr Holmes Bakehouse from San Francisco, you can also find cruffins all around Singapore including Asanoya Bakery and Bakery Brera (pictured below).

Bakery Brera cruffins singaporePhoto from Bakery Brera

#7 Iced Bear Drinks

This Instagrammable trend has been popping up in local cafes from Knock Knock Cafe to Lalaland Cafe. Iced drinks are topped with frozen bears made of the same beverage to maintain the water-to-drink ratio. After taking pictures, the fun continues as you watch the poor bear melt away or push it with your straw and send it to its doom.


ice bear lattes at Knock Knock Cafe singaporePhoto from Knock Knock Cafe

Seasons-themed cafe has a similar Japanese cafe Mocchi has lattes topped with bear-shaped soft serve ice cream.

Bonus: Monster Shakes

The over-the-top milkshakes popularised in New York are served in tall glasses and piled up high with every topping unimaginable. The result is an impressive Instagrammable wonder that's tempting to order just for its looks alone.

Potionlabz crazy milkshakesPhoto from @carbsforlyfe via Instagram

While this trend has been around in Singapore for a few years now, it's recently been trending on Instagram again. Some places to get your crazy milkshake fill are PotionLabzNew York joint Black Tap and halal-certified cafes Good Bites and Citrus By The Pool.

More new food spots in Singapore:

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