"I Not Stupid" Actor Joshua Ang’s New Partner Has Given Birth To Their First Daughter

"I Not Stupid" Actor Joshua Ang’s New Partner Has Given Birth To Their First Daughter

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By Rachel on 18 Aug 2021
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Following a recent baby announcement on National Day 2021 - months after the finalisation of a messy divorce from ex-wife Shannon Low - former actor Joshua Ang of  “I Not Stupid” fame has since welcomed his new baby girl into the world, and her name is super unique!

Read on to find out more about Joshua Ang’s daughter with his new partner!

Joshua Ang daughterPhoto from @nutzhen via Instagram

In an Instagram post earlier this morning on 18 August 2021, ex-actor Joshua Ang took to Instagram to post a series of photographs announcing the birth of his newborn, conceived with his new partner. In the main photo, he’s seen in protective gear at the hospital, with one hand stroking his partner’s head as she cradles their baby girl.

The next photo features just the mother and child, with the former’s face censored with a cute kitty-and-heart sticker. Just look at how happy and peaceful the precious infant appears!

Joshua Ang daughterPhoto from @nutzhen via Instagram

It is unclear as to whether Joshua and his new partner are legally married as husband and wife, or if they are still simply dating. Though she had already made sporadic appearances on his social media since last year, he has been staying highly secretive about her, continuing to keep her face blanked out in every photo till date.

The last photo of the image carousel is solely of their daughter, placed on a baby weighing scale.

Joshua Ang daughterPhoto from @nutzhen via Instagram


The accompanying caption is rather poetic: “I dreamt of you, even before you were conceived. Under the Northern lights, that's where we met. So we name you, Lovelle Aurora.”

“Today, a star is born, and I met the girl that I'll love for the rest of my life. You will always be my princess, till the edge of time.”

“Love you lil one, forever and always, Daddy”

Lovelle Aurora Ang does have a nice ring to it - we must say that they’ve made an absolutely lovely and creative name choice! This brings us back to the time we found out about Naomi Neo’s new daughter’s unique name as well.

Joshua Ang sonPhoto from @nutzhen via Instagram

Apart from Lovelle Aurora, Joshua has a 3-year-old son named Jedaiah with his ex-wife Shannon Low, whom he was officially divorced from this March. He currently has joint custody of the little boy and spends time with him during weekends, with frequent visits to the pool and beach.

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