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DMK Singapore Has A New Collection Of Comfortable Minimalist Shoes Suitable For Wide Feet & Bunions

DMK Singapore Has A New Collection Of Comfortable Minimalist Shoes Suitable For Wide Feet & Bunions

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By Karmen on 01 Aug 2021
Digital Editor

Throughout history, beauty and pain are often synonymous with each other. Think about foot binding in ancient China, lead-filled makeup in medieval Europe and corsets in the Victorian era.


Fortunately for us, the beauty standards of today are all about embracing our unique features and many modern trends revolve around comfort, like loungewear, sneakers and wireless bras.

A local brand that champions comfort as much as style is DMK. Best of all, their range of comfy shoes are affordable priced! They're launching a new August collection in Singapore soon and it has minimalist designs with comfortable features like softer straps, a well-cushioned base, extra-comfy inner lining, and a wide toe box specifically suited for wide feet and bunions.

Keep reading to check out the collection!

DMK Hold On Tight Flat Sandals ($39.90)

DMK singapore strappy flat sandals in red and nudePhoto from DMK

Perfect for casual days where you want still want to look put together, these sandals have soft lining to hug your feet snugly. It has a cute tortoise-shell ring detail and comes in three versatile colours: Black, Nude and Red.

DMK Strip Strap Flat Pumps ($39.90)


DMK singapore pointed toe flat pumpsPhoto from DMK

Those with wide feet will know the struggle of finding pointed-toe shoes that don't feel like a torture device. This pair is anything but as it has a generous toe box lined with the softest cushion for a comfortable fit even for wide feet. When comfort meets style in these strappy flat pumps. Choose from three colours: Black, Pink and Pearl.

DMK Woven Up Flat Sandals ($39.90)

DMK singapore woven strap flats beige and redPhoto from DMK

Another casual and stylish shoe staple are these minimalist sandals, now updated with extra fluffy cloud- like cushioned base for better support. These sandals are available in Red, Pink and Beige.

DMK By Your Side Block Heel Sandals ($43.90)

DMK strappy block heelsPhoto from DMK

This pair of block heels feature subtle croc prints with delicate, soft straps and a well-cushioned base for a height boost without the discomfort. It comes in Black, Brown and Nude.


DMK So Strappy Flat Sandals ($39.90)

DMK singapore strappy flats in white and bluePhoto from DMK

These comfy sandals come with unique details like the dual-colour straps and a unique round heel. Choose from three cute colours: Black, Lilac and Blue.

DMK Take A Shot Flat Sandals ($39.90)

DMK singapore minimalist flat sandalsPhoto from DMK

These asymmetrical strappy flat sandals boast are also designed with soft straps and a well-cushioned base for comfortable outings.

DMK Between Lines Flat Sandals ($36.90)

DMK singapore minimalist thin double strap slip on flat sandalsPhoto from DMK


These pair of minimalist flats have that charming K-style look with sleek double straps and soft colours of Pink and Purple, as well as a classic Black. They also feature a mini heel for some extra height.

DMK Strappy Love Toe Ring Flat Sandals ($39.90)

DMK singapore toe ring flat sandalsPhoto from DMK

These lightweight sandals have a vaguely ancient Greek aesthetic with the toe ring and straps, juxtaposed with a modern metal finish on the mini heels for a unique look.

This collection launches in all DMK boutiques and online in August 2021.

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