7 Common Boob Shapes & The Best Bra Types For Each To Get A Flattering Look & Comfortable Fit

7 Common Boob Shapes & The Best Bra Types For Each To Get A Flattering Look & Comfortable Fit

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ByKarmen on 22 Feb 2021 Digital Editor

Like how bodies come in different beautiful shapes and sizes that can be accentuated with the right outfits, boobs also come in different types. The right type of bra has the power to enhance how you look and feel, your comfort and confidence.Advertisement

Keep reading to find out the seven common boob shapes and the right bra type for each! 

#1 Round

This is probably the most coveted bust shape, with a circular appearance and equal volume on the top and bottom.

Best bra type for round boobs: Lucky you! This bust shape looks great in any bra type.

#2 Bell-shaped

Bell-shaped busts are softer and less full with a stretched appearance. This is a common bust type for mature women or those who have lost a lot of weight.

Best bra type for bell-shaped boobs: A wireless push-up bra. While a wired push-up bra will create a lifting effect, the soft breast tissue may not fill up the cups as seamlessly. Go for a soft, wireless push-up bra instead like the new UNIQLO Wireless Bra Shape Lift ($29.90).

pink Wireless Bra Shape Lift
Photo from UNIQLO

#3 Tear drop

Tear drop shape boobs are in-between the round and bell-shaped types, still firm and rounded but set lower on the chest and with less fullness at the top of the nipples than below it.

Best bra type for tear drop boobs: You'll be able to pull off most bra types, but if you want to give your breasts an extra boost, go for a push-up bra. It'll create a lifted and flattering look especially when wearing tight-fitted clothes.

Angela used to have a round bust type which changed to a teardrop shape after her pregnancy. When wearing the UNIQLO Wireless Bra Shape Lift ($29.90), her bust appears to have gone up almost one size and looks noticeably lifted with an attractive sculpted shape.

comparison of before after wearing uniqlo shape lift front bra
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

comparison of before after wearing uniqlo shape lift bra side view
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

This bra uses a lift-up structure with crossed plastic resin parts inside the cups connected to the edges which maintains the bust shape. Even though it's wireless, it offers good support with stretchable straps and cups that hold the bust firmly.

uniqlo shape lift bra how it works1
Photo from UNIQLO

Besides the aesthetic effect, this wireless push-up bra is so much more comfortable than wired push-up bras that dig into the skin. While Angela feels restricted and ready to take off her wired push-up bra just after a few hours, this bra lets her move freely and comfortably throughout the entire day. If you're looking for a comfortable push-up bra that you can wear every day and all day, try this one! It features a feminine floral lace design and comes in five colours.

white black green pink and navy uniqlo Wireless Bra Shape Lift
Photo from UNIQLO

#4 Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical boobs are uneven in shape, nipple direction or size

Best bra type for asymmetrical boobs: Try bras with removable pads - you can remove the pad on the side that's smaller to create balance. Alternatively, you can also try the UNIQLO Wireless Bra 3D Hold ($29.90) for a snug fit on each side and a more proportionate look. The bra cups have circular notches which stretch, allowing the bra to adjust to different bust volumes and fit each unique side.

uniqlo bra 3d hold how it works1
Photo from UNIQLO

#5 Wide-set

Wide-set boobs move towards the outside of your torso with a space in the middle and nipples commonly pointed outwards.

Best bra type for wide-set boobs: A sculpting bra will work best to bring both sides to the front, create a more symmetrical look and enhance the cleavage.

I tried the UNIQLO Wireless Bra 3D Hold ($29.90) which is perfect for my wide-set boobs as it moulds to unique shapes, creating a flattering look. The soft resin part below the stretch cups supports the bust from below, gently pushing the breasts together and creating a firmly supported bust line.

While my chest looks rather flat and lacks cleavage due to the wide-set shape, it looks more defined with a more pronounced cleavage when wearing the 3D bra.

comparison of before after wearing uniqlo 3d hold bra side view
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Like all UNIQLO wireless bras, this one looks seamless even under thin, tight clothes and has a comfy fit. While it gives me the look of a wired bra, it comes with none of the discomforts or lines and marks on the bust line. The soft, lightweight urethane material makes it almost feels like wearing a bralette, and I don't get that itchy build-up of sweat even on hot days.

There's a wide range of colours to choose from and it comes in a sultry lace design with three colour options too.

all colours of uniqlo Wireless Bra 3D Hold
Photo from UNIQLO

#6 Athletic

Athletic boobs tend to be a smaller cup size, less soft and have a muscular, wide appearance. You may not necessarily need to have an active lifestyle to have an athletic bust!

Best bra type for athletic boobs: You can get more volume and a plumper, rounder look with a moulded cup bra like the UNIQLO Wireless Relax Bra ($29.90) which has cups integrated into the body fabric for a natural, reliable fit. This bra is also incredibly comfortable and great for days where you just want to nua all day at home.

uniqlo wireless relax bra cotton
Photo from UNIQLO

#7 Petite 

The petite boob type is usually a small cup size with a slender appearance, wider on the top than the bottom and longer than it is wide.

Best bra type for petite boobs: A plunge bra will lift the breasts and add some volume. Try the UNIQLO Wireless Bra Shape Lift which does just that and has a low v-cut so you can wear it under plunging necklines.

Besides these wireless bras for different bust shapes, UNIQLO also has other wireless designs that will come in handy for different outfits and activities.

If you value form just as much as function, you'll love the Wireless Bra Active Racer Back ($29.90) for working out. It's comfortable and breathable, with the support of a sports bra and the look of a cute crop top. There are many pretty colours to choose from like dusty pink and olive green.

Uniqlo nude Wireless Bra Active Racer Back
Photo from Uniqlo

If you're wearing a top or dress with an off-shoulder or strapless neckline, pair it with the versatile Wireless Bra Multiway ($29.90). It has thin straps that can be removed and adjusted to become a cross back, halter neck or strapless bra. It has stretchy and non-slip fabric on the top of the cups and on the back so it stays in place even without straps.

uniqlo multiway bra removable adjustable straps
Photo from UNIQLO

You can shop UNIQLO's range of wireless bras and more at your nearest UNIQLO store or online at uniqlo.com/sg.

This post is brought to you by Uniqlo.

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