5 Pieces Of Fine Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

5 Pieces Of Fine Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

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By Karmen on 12 Aug 2021
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When it comes to jewellery, we say 'more is more'. One's fine jewellery collection, on the other hand, will need a little more thought and care to curate.

Just like a little black dress, there are pieces of fine jewellery that have transcended trends and proved as style essentials that will elevate any look and last forever.

Keep reading to check out the 5 jewellery pieces every woman should pamper herself with!

#1 Cocktail rings to mix & match

Bold yet understated, cocktail rings were a symbol of a women's independence and success in the 20th century.

Today, cocktail rings retains its role as an accessory for self expression with vivid, eye-catching colours. They're also the perfect treat for women, from themselves, for an accomplishment like getting a promotion or buying a home.

diamond industries blue tanzanite cocktail ringsPhoto from Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

Local fine jewellery brand Diamond Industries Jewellery Company has a wide range of cocktail rings with gorgeous coloured gems. You'll need a few of them to wear alone for a simple look or mix & match different colours. Pair the green 2.61 carats Tourmaline Ring with the blue 1.64 carat Tanzanite Ring for a unique look that makes a subtle statement.

diamond industries colourful gems cocktail ringsPhoto from Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

If you're feeling bolder, why not wear three colours at once? The striking red 1.44 carat Labradorite Ring contrasts perfectly with the green 2.01 carat Diopside Ring, while the 2.19 Zoisite Ring in a darker emerald hue adds interest without looking too showy.

These rings are made of 18k white gold and have gorgeous diamonds framing each gemstone, making them look and feel incredibly luxurious.

#2 A classic diamond necklace to go with everything

Diamonds are indeed a girl's best friend. Diamond jewellery's timeless appeal is owned to its classic look and galvanising effect on its wearer. After all, who doesn't feel like the most glamorous and beautiful version of themselves while wearing diamond jewellery?

But there's no reason to limit this wonderful feeling to just special occasions. Every lady should have a minimalist diamond pendant necklace like the Diamond Industries Jewellery Company Pendant Necklace to wear confidently every day with any outfit.

diamond industries necklace and ringPhoto from Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

Made of a 0.29 carat pear cut diamond with 0.20 carat diamonds, this simple and elegant Teardrop Necklace will add polish to your look from casual brunches to fancy date nights. Best of all, it can be layered with shorter and longer necklaces to add stylish dimension to your look.

Wear it with the equally timeless and matching pear cut 0.29 carat Diamond Ring and your outfit is instantly elevated.

#3 A show-stopping diamond necklace 

While a simple diamond necklace is enough to add a luxurious oomph to an everyday outfit, there will be times you'll need a show-stopping piece to feel extra special.

diamond industries white gold pendant necklacePhoto from Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

Slip on a LBD and this stunning Diamond Pendant Necklace by Diamond Industries Jewellery Company and you're ready for that party or fine dining experience.

This statement piece is has a round brilliant cut 1.52 carat diamond with an intricate pattern covered by 223 round brilliant 4.44 carat diamonds.

#4 Timeless stud earrings 

Every lady deserves a perfect pair of timeless stud earrings that pairs well with everything and looks so good that she'd never want to take them off.

One pair that fits the bill is the Tanzanite Stud Earrings by Diamond Industries. It has just the right amount of sparkle and unique touches to make you feel a little more luxe without being too over-the-top.

pear tanzanite stud earrings Diamond Industries Jewellery singaporePhoto from Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

Rather than the standard round or princess-cut diamond studs, these earrings feature pear-shaped 2.95 carat tanzanite gems in a brilliant blue hue surrounded 0.40 carat diamonds. Let them shine in a simple monochrome outfit or have them as a contrasting pop of colour.

#5 Statement earrings 

As much as simple stud earrings are a versatile style staple, statement earrings are also a must; no fine jewellery collection is complete without at least one pair.

When it doubt, you can't go wrong with a pair of tiered earrings like the Diamond Industries Jewellery Company Tanzanite Drop Earrings.

diamond industries tanzanite earrings and ringPhoto from Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

This grand yet modern design with the blue 3.26 carat tanzanite and 1.15 carat diamonds gives it an air of mystery and opulence, and is somewhat reminiscent of Rose's iconic necklace in Titanic. We can imagine how stunning this would look with a simple dress and perhaps the matching 1.39 carat Tanzanite Ring.

Whether you're looking to start or grow your fine jewellery collection, Diamond Industries Jewellery Company is the place to go.

Their showroom, one of the largest in Asia, is a literal treasure trove of exquisite fine jewellery. Their extensive collection of internationally certified tanzanites, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other fine jewellery would thrill even the most discerning jewellery collectors. Prices range from an accessible $300 to $480,000 for rare pieces fit for royalty.

diamond industries diamond ringsPhoto from Diamond Industries Jewellery Company

The home-grown company was founded in 1989 and has since been offering a bespoke shopping experience from start to finish and beyond. Even after your initial purchase, they'll have your jewellery altered, cleaned and repaired to look and fit as good as new to last a lifetime.

Diamond Industries Jewellery Company
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