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14 Affordable Hello Kitty Baking Tools & Accessories You Can Shop Online In Singapore

14 Affordable Hello Kitty Baking Tools & Accessories You Can Shop Online In Singapore

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By Karmen on 26 Jun 2021
Digital Editor

Baking-enthusiasts are on the rise these days thanks to our stay-home schedule. If you're a baking novice, there are some essential baking tools that you'll need.


We've found 14 Hello Kitty-themed ones in gorgeous pink shades that'll look cute in your kitchen and even imprint her face on your baked treats. Not to mention, every step of your baking process will be worthy of a feature on Insta-stories.

Keep reading to check them out!

pink chefmade Hello Kitty Semi-automatic Hand-pressed Flour SievePhoto from Chefmade

Hand-shaking a sieve can leave a lot to clean up after, especially if you're new to baking. This hand-pressed flour sieve takes the mess out of this step.

chefmade Hello Kitty 6 Inch Chiffon Cake MouldPhoto from Chefmade


While this cake mould doesn't transfer any Hello Kitty design on the cake itself, it's an opportunity to take a cute picture/Boomerang of the cake baking in the oven!

Hello Kitty chefmade Stainless Steel Mousse RingPhoto from Chefmade

This Hello Kitty-shaped cake mould is perfect for making mousse cakes, no-bake cheesecakes and other soft textured cakes. Simply add layers one by one in the mould and let it set in the refrigerator.

chefmade Hello Kitty Touch Screen Tempered Glass Electronic ScalePhoto from Chefmade

Precision is key when it comes to baking and a weighing scale is a must-have in any home baker's kitchen.

This adorable Hello Kitty one has measurements that can switch between grams, ounces and millilitres. This will come in handy when you're referring to recipes from different countries.


#5 Hello Kitty 350 ml Glass Measuring Cup ($20.67, U.P.: $38.06)

chefmade Hello Kitty 350 ml Glass Measuring CupPhoto from Chefmade

Even if you're not an avid baker, this will be lovely to display in the kitchen or use as a drinking glass.

chefmade Hello Kitty Macaron Baking Mat TemplatePhoto from Chefmade

Macarons are becoming a trending homemade treat for good reason -  they're not that difficult to make! But still, you should take any help you can get. This macaron baking mat will make it easier to pipe out macaron shells in the shape of Hello Kitty.

hello kitty cooking baking timer alarmPhoto from via


Many a disaster have struck when the oven timer goes unnoticed and the poor baked goodies get burnt. You can make sure that never happens with a timer that goes off loudly like this cute Hello Kitty one.

#8 Hello Kitty 8 Pc Mooncake Mould ($18.52, U.P.: $32.31)

Hello Kitty 8 Pc Mooncake MouldPhoto from Chefmade

This cute baking mould is meant for making mooncakes but we imagine they'll work for cookies too.

#9 Hello Kitty Silicone Doughnut Cake Mould ($16.98, U.P.: $37.72)

CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Silicone Donut Cake MoldPhoto from Chefmade

This doughnut cake mould comes in the shape of Hello Kitty and even has little bow moulds to add a 3D touch to your doughnuts.

#10 Hello Kitty Baking Tray & Rolling Pin ($29.49, U.P.: $58.98)


Hello Kitty Baking Tray & Rolling Pin chefmadePhoto from Chefmade

This 4pc set comes with two rolling pins, one for flattening out dough and another for cutting straight lines in the dough.

#11 Hello Kitty Silicone Pastry Brush ($11.19, U.P.: $21.10)

Hello Kitty Silicone Oil Brush chefmadePhoto from Chefmade

A pastry brush is a baking essential for spreading butter, oil or glaze. While they usually come in garish colours, this Hello Kitty one is in a pretty pink.

#12 Hello Kitty 20cm Stainless Steel Bowl ($22.99, U.P.: $60.19)

CHEFMADE Hello Kitty 20cm Stainless Steel Egg BowlPhoto from Chefmade

This stainless steel bowl is perfect for beating eggs and preparing whipped cream. You can also use it to wash fruit and vegetables.


#13 Hello Kitty 4Pcs Measuring Spoons ($12.78, U.P.: $16.99)

CHEFMADE Hello Kitty 4Pcs Measuring SpoonsPhoto from Chefmade

These pink measuring spoons come in a nifty ring so they don't get lost in your baking tools drawer. They can also be detached to use separately.

#14 Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Whisk ($14.70, U.P.: $22.12)

CHEFMADE Hello Kitty Stainless Steel WhiskPhoto from Chefmade

At times when you're beating eggs or whisking a mixture lightly, you can give yourself a good arm workout with this pink Hello Kitty whisk. If the recipe requires long beating for a fluffy batter, you'd be better off with a stand mixer like the ones by KitchenAid which also come in pastel pink.

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