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8 Brands That Make Pink Appliances For An Insta-Worthy Kitchen

8 Brands That Make Pink Appliances For An Insta-Worthy Kitchen

By Karmen on 08 May 2020
Digital Editor

While a pink kitchen would be a dream come true, there are some who have significant others who might not be so keen on it! ?


If you still want to inject a little pink into your HDB kitchen, do it with appliances instead! They add a cute pop of colour without looking overwhelmingly girly or saccharine.

Keep reading to check out eight brands for pretty pink kitchen appliances that you can purchase online or in stores in Singapore!

#1 Mayer

Mayer Electric Cooker with Ceramic Pot MMECP06 Pink of HealthPhoto from Mayer

This Mayer Electric Cooker with Ceramic Pot MMECP06 Pink of Health ($32.90) is so aesthetically pleasing, you could eat straight out of it! It's perfect for couples or lone diners who are short on space as it measures only 18cm x 18cm!

Mayer Electric Cooker with Ceramic Pot MMECP06 Pink of HealthPhoto from Mayer

Besides its compact size and cute look, it also boasts functional features like high heat retention, a long-lasting keep warm function and an easy-clean design. The brand also has other pink appliances like air-fryers and blenders.



RUHENS V (WHP3000) Water Purifier Photo from RUHENS

RUHENS has just released two new Singapore-exclusive pink editions of their signature RUHENS V (WHP3000) Water Purifier in Bubblegum Pink ($2,599) and Marshmallow Pink ($2,549). Each comes with 3 years worth of filters.!

RUHENS V (WHP3000) Water Purifier Photo from RUHENS

This water purifier is a must-have for many homeowners for the convenience it brings. It dispenses filtered water in five different precise temperatures and three different quantities: 120ml, 550ml, 1500ml automatically. It's also tankless and compact to fit it well in a small HDB kitchen.

To purchase, contact RUHENS on their website, Facebook or email.


SMEG pink 50s retro blenderPhoto from SMEG


SMEG is a brand that's well known for their retro kitchen appliances and accessories in a large range of bright colours. While they have almost every kitchen item in pink from toasters, coffee machines and kettles to mixers and blenders, what makes us really squeal in delight is their pink fridge!

SMEG FAB32 Refrigerator in pink in a kitchenPhoto from SMEG

The FAB28 Refrigerator-Freezer ($2,698) has a single door while the FAB32 Refrigerator ($3,888) has a separate freezer compartment.

#4 Kenwood

Kenwood Chef XL Sense in Drizzled Pink KVL6100P Photo from Kenwood

The baking process, and not just the final results, can be Insta-worthy too when you use the Kenwood Chef XL Sense in Drizzled Pink KVL6100P ($899)!

It's effortless and easy to use for all your baking needs and comes with three coated aluminium bowl tools, an additional flexi-beater and a folding tool. You can also find pink kettles and toasters from this brand.

#5 KitchenAid®


KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.3 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in Guava GlazePhoto from KitchenAid®

KitchenAid® mixers are many home baker's holy grail appliance for good reason! It can complete a variety of food prep tasks beyond simply mixing ingredients together like cream butter, whip egg whites, knead dough and make pasta.

The KitchenAid Artisan Mini 3.3 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in Guava Glaze ($649) comes in a variety of colours including millennial pink. This model is great for small HDB flats in Singapore as it has the same power as the full sized stand mixers while being 20% smaller and 25% lighter.

#6 Odette

Odette 4 Slice Retro Design Toaster in PinkPhoto from Odette

Ain't nobody got time to wait for toast to toast! Speed up the breakfast-making process with the Odette 4 Slice Retro Design Toaster in Pink ($79.90)! It can fit four slices of bread instead of the usual two. You can also toast bagels and other smaller bread and pastries as it has an extra high lift.


KONKA Multi-function Electric Oven in pinkPhoto from KONKA


If your kitchen is too small to fit an oven, take a cue from Japanese homeowners who face the same problems and use mini toaster-ovens instead!

The KONKA Multi-function Electric Oven ($41.39) functions as both a toaster and oven at once. It comes with five heat settings and removable tray layers so you can make larger baked foods or multiple smaller ones.


 IONA 0.45l Electric Hot Cup in PinkPhoto from IONA

IONA takes the kawaii factor up another notch with a winking face! The IONA 0.45l Electric Hot Cup in Pink ($39.90) is great for preparing a quick meal for one in your office or a hotel when you're in a European country and craving Asian food. ?

It works just like a slow cooker with a removable porcelain cup and lid and can cook soup, desserts, porridge, tea and more.

If you've clicked on this article, we're guessing you love pink! Check out some dreamy pink bedrooms and find out how to incorporate pink into your HDB/BTO in a sophisticated way.

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