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Netflix's "Money Heist" Immersive Experience Is Coming To SG, Your Turn To Be Part Of The Team

Netflix's "Money Heist" Immersive Experience Is Coming To SG, Your Turn To Be Part Of The Team

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By Wei Yin on 03 Jun 2021
Digital Editor

Netflix's Spanish series, Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel, is one the most popular shows on the streaming app, so much so that it's even getting a Korean remake!

Aside from that, fans of the series can also look forward to an all-new immersive event, titled Money Heist: The Experience, which is co-produced by Netflix and Fever.

Good news is that the experience will be coming to Singapore so fans here can be a part of the gang too!

Read on to find out more!

Money Heist: The Experience posterPhoto from Money Heist: The Experience

In Money Heist: The Experience, you will no longer watch the notorious gang pull off the heist behind your screen, but live out the first ever international robbery in person this time round.

It will be full of special effects and endless surprises, giving you an adrenaline rush!

Money Heist: The Experience maskPhoto from Money Heist: The Experience

You will get to take part in the 60-minute heist with the full get-up including the iconic red jumpsuit and mask for the full experience.

Your mission is to carry out a robbery, one that will remind you of the series, but with a completely new story which you can only discover in this experience.

Money Heist: The Experience locationPhoto from Money Heist: The Experience

There's not much information on the experience which will be taking place in Singapore as the time of writing. One thing's for sure is that it will be held at an emblematic venue, just like the ones in the other cities such as Paris, Miami and London.

What to expect at Money Heist: The Experience

Money Heist: The Experience costumePhoto from Money Heist: The Experience

Actors (but of course, not the ones from the series) will be there to blur the line between fiction and reality.

Money Heist: The Experience live actionPhoto from Money Heist: The Experience


Shootings, fights and more special effects await you in this heist for the most authentic experience possible.

Money Heist: The Experience vaultPhoto from Money Heist: The Experience

Will you be able to break into the vault?

Money Heist: The Experience cluesPhoto from Money Heist: The Experience

Getting in is easy, but getting out? Not so much.

La Casa de PapelPhoto from La Casa de Papel

The experience also includes a pre-show where you will learn about the role you are about to play. Hang out in the themed bar with appetisers, merchandise and custom cocktails available for purchase after the robbery. You can even take a souvenir home!

There is no confirmed date for the event in Singapore yet, but you can sign up to be on the waitlist here to get exclusive access before tickets are released to the public.

Meanwhile, check out what Lisbon has to say:

Are you excited to put on your mask and be a part of the gang? Find out more on the Money Heist: The Experience website.

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