7 Essentials From $7.90 For A Cosy & Aesthetic Bedroom So Staying At Home Feels More Enjoyable

7 Essentials From $7.90 For A Cosy & Aesthetic Bedroom So Staying At Home Feels More Enjoyable

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By Wei Yin on 28 May 2021
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Your bedroom is probably the space you spend the most time in while at home and is also your sanctuary where you get to relax and unwind. Apart from keeping it clean, don't forget to decorate your safe space so that it's aesthetically pleasing too.

If you are into that cosy IG-worthy aesthetic for your bedroom, you are in luck because HOOGA, a home decor brand inspired by the Danish art of cosiness sells affordable home decor items!

Their Scandinavian-themed items exude warm, hygge vibes that are suitable for your entire home. To make it easier for you, we have narrowed down their huge catalogue into seven essentials you need to get for an inviting and comfortable bedroom.

Check them out below!

#1 Fairy lights

HOOGA bedroom with fairy lightsPhoto from HOOGA

Don't underestimate the power of a single strand of fairy lights! Other than being a source of comforting light in the night, it also instantly transforms the bedroom into a Pinterest-worthy one.

Have a wall or vanity table that looks too plain in your room? Simply jazz it up with fairy lights. You can also twirl them around your headboard and the warm lighting will put you in a relaxing mood and lull you to sleep.

The fairy lights HOOGA sells are easy to set up and battery operated. Other than the regular sort, you can also choose from star-shaped ones to those with pom poms.

Prices start from $9.90.

#2 Vase with faux flowers

HOOGA vase with faux flowersPhoto from HOOGA

If you don't have green fingers or time to care for real flowers and plants, faux ones are your next best options! You get the same beauty without having to worry about them wilting.

But don't just place them in any random container or bottle as that is going to ruin the aesthetic. Instead, choose a vase that goes with the theme of your room.

HOOGA sells vases that come in a variety of designs ranging from minimalist ceramic to uniquely-shaped ones. You can also get your faux flowers from HOOGA to make it a set.

Prices for vases start from $23.90 and faux botanicals start from $16.90.

#3 Reed diffuser

HOOGA reed diffuserPhoto from HOOGA

One of the worst feelings is coming home to a stale smelling room, then having to take the extra effort to air it. This can be prevented with just a reed diffuser!

HOOGA's reed diffusers come in three different series, each with its own elegant and sleek packaging that will fit right into any room. Place one in your bedroom to come back to a pleasant smelling space that will cheer you up after a tiring day.

Prices start from $16.90.

#4 Comfy bedding accessories

HOOGA bedding accessoriesPhoto from HOOGA

A cosy bedroom is never complete without bedding accessories, and pillows would first come to mind for most of us because they are capable of making or breaking our sleep quality. It's important to choose one that suits your sleeping habits and preference, especially since we are spending so much time at home now.

HOOGA has made it easier for you by categorising their pillows into a few series - Arctic, Cloud, Basic, Nature, Ergo and Wellness.

If heat is a concern for you, go for the Lannard Cooling Contour Memory Pillow. Need good support but prefer a softer pillow? We recommend the Alicia Medium Microfibre Pillow. Get the Brigette White Tea & Ginger Contour Memory Pillow that comes with a contoured design and gentle arch if you are a back sleeper.

Prices start from $15.

#5 Cosy throw blanket

HOOGA grey throwPhoto from HOOGA

If your bedsheets are a bit too mundane for your liking, place a throw over it to add colour, texture and the best part of all - more warmth for freezing nights in air-conditioned rooms. Simply drape it over your blanket for a cosier vibe.

HOOGA sells throws in different materials and colours so you will surely find something you like.

Prices start from $7.90.

#6 Trinket box

HOOGA trinket boxPhoto from HOOGA

Keep your vanity or bedside table neat with a trinket box which can hold all your knick knacks. Use it to store your perfumes, accessories and makeup instead of letting them be strewn all over the place. Mirror selfies at your vanity table will look so much better from now on!

HOOGA sells regal looking ones with gold rims and in different shapes and sizes. But if you are looking for something less loud, HOOGA also sells trinket boxes with black rims for an understated look.

Prices start from $14.90.

#7 Table ornament 

HOOGA ornament Photo from HOOGA

If you are looking to add pizzazz to a nook in your room, an ornament will do the trick as it can be placed literally anywhere, from empty spaces to tabletops. It will also add personality to your haven as your style and preference translate to the design you choose.

The Clogh Ornament pictured above which HOOGA sells deserves an honourable mention! The unassuming design shaped like a house doesn't seem like it will do much, but the gorgeous terrazzo print adds texture and will spruce up any corner of your room.

Check out other decorative yet functional bedroom decor such as door hangers and door stoppers that HOOGA sells.

Prices start from $9.90.

More about HOOGA

HOOGA kitchenwarePhoto from HOOGA

Other than these bedroom essentials, HOOGA is also a one-stop platform for you to shop for all your home needs and have them delivered to your doorstep. You will find beddings and bed accessories, bath towels and bath accessories, organising essentials, art decorations, dinnerware and many more.

Follow HOOGA on their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on new home decor items.

Start shopping at HOOGA now on Shopee, Lazada and Zalora

This post is brought to you by HOOGA.

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