5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Fantasy-Romance K-Drama "Doom At Your Service"

5 Reasons Why You Need To Watch Fantasy-Romance K-Drama "Doom At Your Service"

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By Wei Yin on 15 May 2021
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Doom at Your Service is one of the most anticipated Korean dramas airing in May 2021, and after watching the first two episodes, we can see why.

Doom at Your Service posterPhoto from tvN

Starring Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young, this fantasy-romance centres around the lives of Myul Mang, a man who causes everything he touches to vanish, and Tak Dong Kyung, a woman who leads an unlucky life. She makes a contract with Myul Mang for 100 days to live however she wants and this fateful encounter between the two characters ignites a special romance.

Read on to find out five reasons why you need to watch Doom at Your Service!

#1 Seo In Guk's return to the small screen after three years

Seo In Guk in Doom at Your ServicePhoto from tvN

This is Seo In Guk's first drama in three years after his lead role in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes back in 2018. Fans have waited a long time to see him on their screens once again and he's now back, nailing the charismatic role of Myul Mang with his acting skills and good looks.

#2 Seo In Guk & Park Bo Young's chemistry

Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young for Doom at Your ServicePhoto from tvN

Doom at Your Service cutPhoto from tvN

We kid you not when we say Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young have amazing chemistry in Doom at Your Service! Although their characters mostly butt heads in the first two episodes, the chemistry between the two characters was palpable and made us swoon with just one or two heart-fluttering scenes. Look at that adorable height difference too!

#3 Beautiful cinematography that is pleasing to the eye 


A Twitter user has compiled some of the most aesthetically pleasing scenes from the drama and looking through them still blows us away, even after we have watched the first two episodes! A Korean drama with an interesting storyline coupled with beautiful cinematography is already halfway of a success in the making.

Click on the tweet to see more images.

#4 Main leads are all eye candies

Doom at Your Service main leads posterPhoto from tvN

Apart from Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh and Shin Do Hyun are the three other main leads. They are such eye candies and having them in the drama makes watching it all the more enjoyable!

#5 Amazing lineup for the official soundtracks 

Doom at Your Service OSTPhoto from tvN

If you are an avid Korean drama fan, you would know that Gummy and Davichi are some of the most coveted singers for K-drama soundtracks! They have sung for many popular dramas like Descendants of the Sun and Hotel del Luna. Joining them in the lineup is solo singer Ailee, EXO's Baekhyun, and K-pop group TXT.

And lo and behold, Seo In Guk will be singing for the drama too! In case you didn't know, he first debuted as a singer in a singing audition programme.

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