K-Drama "The Penthouse: War in Life" Main Cast's Instagram Accounts For You To Stalk While Waiting For S3

K-Drama "The Penthouse: War in Life" Main Cast's Instagram Accounts For You To Stalk While Waiting For S3

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By Wei Yin on 05 Apr 2021
Digital Editor

Hit K-drama The Penthouse: War in Life has been breaking viewership records episode after episode, proving its popularity not only in Korea, but also internationally.

The riveting storyline about the upper class with a mix of suspense, crime, family and romance has been likened to other K-dramas like Sky Castle and The World of the Married. Having managed to keep viewers at the edge of their seats while wanting more each time, Penthouse has just concluded its second season and will be filming for its third season very soon.

If you are still reeling from the post-drama syndrome, the bad news is that it will take a few more months before season three airs, but the good news is that the main cast is very active on Instagram which means you can stalk them there to make the wait a bit more bearable. You might just get snippets of behind the scenes from season three's filming!

Read on to find out more!

The Penthouse adults

Lee Ji Ah as Shim Su Ryeon/Na Ae Gyo 

Lee Ji Ah reading the script for PenthousePhoto from @e.jiah via Instagram

Lee Ji Ah with Kim So YeonPhoto from @e.jiah via Instagram

The 42-year-old actress often shares snippets of her life on Instagram, including behind the scenes photos, cute videos of her playing around with filters and selfies with the cast of Penthouse.

Follow Lee Ji Ah here.

Kim So Yeon as Cheon Seo Jin

Kim So Yeon photoshootPhoto from @sysysy1102 via Instagram

Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang WooPhoto from @sysysy1102 via Instagram

Kim So Yeon mostly uploads photos from photoshoots and she always looks like a goddess in all of them! Apart from those glam shots, she also shares lots of lovey-dovey photos taken with her actor husband, Lee Sang Woo.

Follow Kim So Yeon here.

Eugene as Oh Yoon Hee

Eugene selfiePhoto from @eugene810303 via Instagram

Eugene and Penthouse castPhoto from @eugene810303 via Instagram

In case you didn't know, Eugene made her debut as a K-pop girl group member back in 1997 and she still looks absolutely gorgeous even after all these years! She updates her Instagram account frequently and generously shares a lot of photos taken with the cast of Penthouse - constantly keeping fans abreast with what she is up to. You will also see photos of her with her two adorable daughters.

Follow Eugene here.

Uhm Ki Joon as Joo Dan Tae

Uhm Ki Joon behind the scenes in PenthousePhoto from @werther777 via Instagram

Uhm Ki Joon as a musical actorPhoto from @werther777 via Instagram

The biggest villain of Penthouse actually has a quirky personality in real life. Uhm Ki Joon shares his skincare routine by uploading photos of him with a bubble face mask, the occasional selfie and photos of him on stage in musicals. Fun fact: he can sing pretty well and first started acting in musicals before branching into dramas!

Follow Uhm Ki Joon here.

Yoon Jong Hoon as Ha Yoon Chul

Yoon Jong Hoon selfie with puppyPhoto from @yoonjongactor_official via Instagram

Yoon Jong Hoon at Penthouse press conferencePhoto from @yoonjongactor_official via Instagram

The baby-faced Yoon Jong Hoon is actually 37 this year! Stalk his Instagram account for cute pictures of him with puppies and shots from his latest works to stay updated on what to catch him next in if you are a fan.

Follow Yoon Jong Hoon here.

Bong Tae Gyu as Lee Kyu Jin

Bong Tae Gyu ootd Photo from @taegyu_bong via Instagram

Bong Tae Gyu with his childrenPhoto from @taegyu_bong via Instagram

Bong Tae Gyu can dress, just like his character in Penthouse. He often uploads photos of his #OOTD and shares snippets of his life with his two adorable children.

Follow Bong Tae Gyu here.

Park Eun Seok as Logan Lee

Park Eun Seok with his puppyPhoto from @_____silverstone_____ via Instagram

Park Eun Seok and Lee Ji AhPhoto from @_____silverstone_____ via Instagram

The hottest actor in Penthouse has been blessing fans with lots of good selfies and photos taken with the cast (especially with Lee Ji Ah whom many ship him with). Park Eun Seok also has a puppy who makes occasional appearances on his Instagram account!

Follow Park Eun Seok here.


The Penthouse kids

Kim Young Dae as Joo Seok Hoon

Kim Young Dae Photo from @youngdae0302 via Instagram

Kim Young Dae with Lee Ji Ah and Han Ji HyunPhoto from @youngdae0302 via Instagram

Kim Young Dae's boyish good looks and stable acting skills have earned him a loyal fanbase, and he already has 2.7 million followers on Instagram (at time of writing). Follow him to see photos from photoshoots, behind the scenes of Penthouse and him in his upcoming projects.

Follow Kim Young Dae here.

Han Ji Hyun as Joo Seok Kyung 

Han Ji Hyun selfiePhoto from @hanjiji54 via Instagram

Han Ji Hyun in school uniformPhoto from @hanjiji54 via Instagram

Up-and-coming actress Han Ji Hyun has not only blown viewers away with her gorgeous chic looks, but also her memorable acting skills! She plays the feisty Joo Seok Kyung who has a soft spot for her mum perfectly - making viewers' hearts ache for her, despite her shortcomings. Her Instagram account is full of photos of her with the Penthouse cast!

Follow Han Ji Hyun here.

Choi Ye Bin as Ha Eun Byeol

Choi Ye BinPhoto from @yebin__ via Instagram

Choi Ye Bin selfiePhoto from @yebin__ via Instagram

Choi Ye Bin has one of the more aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts as she often shares calming photos of landscapes, nature and flowers. Other photos consist of selfies and the occasional photos from filming Penthouse.

Follow Choi Ye Bin here.

Kim Hyun Soo as Bae Ro Na

Kim Hyun Soo Instagram Photo from @hyeon0_0soo via Instagram

Kim Hyun Soo selfiePhoto from @hyeon0_0soo via Instagram

Kim Hyun Soo might be the youngest of the lot, but has already amassed a few notable projects under her belt since 2011! She mostly shares selfies on her Instagram account so you are in for a treat if you are a fan!

Follow Kim Hyun Soo here.

Jin Ji Hee as Yoo Jenny

Jin Ji HeePhoto from @2xj_hee via Instagram

Jin Ji Hee with Penthouse castPhoto from @2xj_hee via Instagram

Jin Ji Hee first started out as a child actress and has been acting since 2003! She's always updating fans with selfies on her Instagram account and the occasional group photo with the other Penthouse kids, so stay tuned to see if she will be uploading more when they start filming for season three.

Follow Jin Ji Hee here.

Lee Tae Vin as Lee Min Hyuk 

Lee Tae Vin with Han Ji HyunPhoto from @taevin.lee via Instagram

Lee Tae Vin with Jin Ji HeePhoto from @taevin.lee via Instagram

Lee Tae Vin first debuted in K-pop group MYTEEN but has now fully transitioned into acting after leaving the group. He is also one of the Penthouse kids who uploads the most group photos with the Penthouse cast so follow him to see more!

Follow Lee Tae Vin here.

Jo Soo Min as Min Seol Ah

Jo Soo Min with puppyPhoto from @soominn_jo via Instagram

Jo Soo Min with Lee Ji Ah and EugenePhoto from @soominn_jo via Instagram

Jo Soo Min's character as Min Seol Ah was short-lived but she certainly left an impression on viewers! The gorgeous actress is also the face of a number of brands in Korea and often uploads photos of her modelling and behind the scenes from her acting projects.

Follow Jo Soo Min here.

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